Hindu Baby Girl Names for Visakha Nakshatra

Hindu Baby Girl Names for Visakha Nakshatra (Vishakam Nakshatra) are listed here. Visakha Nakshatra is 16th Nakshatra in 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology.

The letters for Visakha (Visakam) – Te, Tu, Tae, To

Teertha (7, Girl): Meaning of Teertha is Holy Water Bleesed By Gods
Teja (4, Girl): Meaning of Teja is Radiant
Tejal (5, Unisex): Meaning of Tejal is Bright
Tejasvi (7, Girl): Meaning of Tejasvi is Energetic / Gifted / Brilliant
Tejaswini (9, Girl): Meaning of Tejaswini is Radiant
Teji (4, Girl): Meaning of Teji is Radiant
Tejomayi (8, Girl): Meaning of Tejomayi is Bright / Radiant
Toral (5, Girl): Meaning of Toral is A Folk Heroine
Torsha (6, Girl): Meaning of Torsha is Name Of A River
Toshani (7, Girl): Meaning of Toshani is Goddess Durga
Toya (4, Unisex): Meaning of Toya is Water
Tuhi (4, Girl): Meaning of Tuhi is Bird Sound
Tuhina (6, Girl): Meaning of Tuhina is Dew drop
Tula (4, Girl): Meaning of Tula is Balance / A Zodiac Sign
Tulasi (6, Girl): Meaning of Tulasi is A Devi
Tulika (6, Girl): Meaning of Tulika is A Paint Brush
Tulsi (5, Girl): Meaning of Tulsi is Sacred Plant
Tulya (5, Girl): Meaning of Tulya is Equalled
Turanya (7, Girl): Meaning of Turanya is Swift
Turvi (5, Girl): Meaning of Turvi is Superior
Turya (5, Girl): Meaning of Turya is Spiritual Power
Tusharkana (10, Girl): Meaning of Tusharkana is A Particle Of Snow
Tusti (5, Girl): Meaning of Tusti is Peace / Happiness

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