Hindu Baby Girl Names for Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius)

Hindu Baby Girl Names for Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius sign).. Dhanu Rashi is ninth rashi among the 12 Rashi system of Hindu Astrology.

Along with the details of starting letters of the names to start with, meaning of each name is given here for Dhanu Rashi Hindu Baby Girl names..

For Dhanu Rashi, Baby Names start with Bh, F, Dh

Bhadra (6, Unisex): Meaning of Bhadra is Good / Auspicious
Bhadramurti (11, Girl): Meaning of Bhadramurti is An embodiment of benevolence
Bhadrapriya (11, Girl): Meaning of Bhadrapriya is She who is fond of or gives all auspicious things
Bhagirathi (10, Girl): Meaning of Bhagirathi is The Ganges
Bhagwanti (9, Girl): Meaning of Bhagwanti is Lucky
Bhagwati (8, Girl): Meaning of Bhagwati is Goddess Durga
Bhagyalakshmi (13, Girl): Meaning of Bhagyalakshmi is Goddess Of Wealth
Bhagyashri (10, Girl): Meaning of Bhagyashri is Lucky / Goddess Lakshmi / Lucky
Bhagyawati (10, Girl): Meaning of Bhagyawati is Lucky
Bhairavi (8, Girl): Meaning of Bhairavi is Goddess Durga / Musical Raaga
Bhakti (6, Unisex): Meaning of Bhakti is Prayer / Devotion / Prayer
Bhaktigamya (11, Girl): Meaning of Bhaktigamya is She who is attained only through devotion
Bhaktipriya (11, Girl): Meaning of Bhaktipriya is She who is fond of (and pleased by) devotion
Bhaktivashya (12, Girl): Meaning of Bhaktivashya is She who is to be won over by devotion
Bhamini (7, Girl): Meaning of Bhamini is Lady
Bhanu (5, Unisex): Meaning of Bhanu is Sun / Fame
Bhanuja (7, Girl): Meaning of Bhanuja is River Yamuna
Bhanumati (9, Girl): Meaning of Bhanumati is Famous
Bhanuni (7, Girl): Meaning of Bhanuni is Charming woman
Bhanupriya (10, Girl): Meaning of Bhanupriya is The sun's beloved
Bhanusri (8, Girl): Meaning of Bhanusri is Rays Of Laxmidevi
Bharati (7, Girl): Meaning of Bharati is Goddess Saraswati
Bharavi (7, Girl): Meaning of Bharavi is Radiant Sun
Bhargavi (8, Girl): Meaning of Bhargavi is All-glorious / Beautiful / Radiant / Name of Parvati
Bhaumi (6, Girl): Meaning of Bhaumi is Goddess Sita
Bhava (5, Girl): Meaning of Bhava is Ecstacy
Bhavana (7, Girl): Meaning of Bhavana is Feeling
Bhavani (7, Girl): Meaning of Bhavani is Goddess Parvati
Bhavi (5, Girl): Meaning of Bhavi is Emotional
Bhavika (7, Girl): Meaning of Bhavika is Cheerful Expression
Bhavini (7, Girl): Meaning of Bhavini is Emotional
Bhavna (6, Girl): Meaning of Bhavna is Good feelings / emotions
Bhavya (6, Girl): Meaning of Bhavya is Grand / Splendid
Bhawna (6, Girl): Meaning of Bhawna is Feelings
Bheema (6, Girl): Meaning of Bheema is Goddess Durga
Bhooma (6, Girl): Meaning of Bhooma is Earth
Bhoomi (6, Girl): Meaning of Bhoomi is Earth
Bhrithi (7, Girl): Meaning of Bhrithi is Strengthened / Nourished / Cherished
Bhumi (5, Unisex): Meaning of Bhumi is Earth
Bhumika (7, Girl): Meaning of Bhumika is Earth
Bhupali (7, Girl): Meaning of Bhupali is A Raagini In Indian Music
Bhuvana (7, Girl): Meaning of Bhuvana is The Earth
Bhuvi (5, Girl): Meaning of Bhuvi is Heaven
Dhanashri (9, Girl): Meaning of Dhanashri is Lustre Of Wealth / Wealthy
Dhanishta (9, Girl): Meaning of Dhanishta is Name Of A Nakshatra
Dhanvanti (9, Girl): Meaning of Dhanvanti is Wealthy
Dhanvi (6, Girl): Meaning of Dhanvi is Money
Dhanya (6, Unisex): Meaning of Dhanya is Thankful / Lucky / Giver Of Wealth / Lord Vishnu
Dhanyata (8, Girl): Meaning of Dhanyata is Success / Fulfilment
Dhara (5, Girl): Meaning of Dhara is Earth / Flow / Constant Flow
Dharini (7, Girl): Meaning of Dharini is Earth
Dharitri (8, Girl): Meaning of Dharitri is The Earth
Dharnitha (9, Girl): Meaning of Dharnitha is Earth
Dharti (6, Girl): Meaning of Dharti is Earth
Dharuna (7, Unisex): Meaning of Dharuna is Supporting / A Rishi
Dhatri (6, Unisex): Meaning of Dhatri is Earth / A Son Of Vishnu/Lakshmi
Dheeptha (8, Girl): Meaning of Dheeptha is Goddess Lakshmi
Dhinushshini Devi (17, Girl): Meaning of Dhinushshini Devi is A Name For Goddess Durga
Dhlriti (7, Girl): Meaning of Dhlriti is Courage / Morale
Dhriti (6, Girl): Meaning of Dhriti is Patience
Dhruti (6, Girl): Meaning of Dhruti is Motion
Dhruva (6, Girl): Meaning of Dhruva is Star
Dhruvi (6, Girl): Meaning of Dhruvi is Firm
Dhruvika (8, Girl): Meaning of Dhruvika is Firmly Fixed
Dhwani (6, Girl): Meaning of Dhwani is Melody / Music
Dhyana (6, Girl): Meaning of Dhyana is Meditation
Dhyuti (6, Girl): Meaning of Dhyuti is Full Of Splendor / Lord Krishna
Falguni (7, Girl): Meaning of Falguni is Beautiful / Born in Phalgun (month)
Forum (5, Girl): Meaning of Forum is Fragarance
Fulki (5, Girl): Meaning of Fulki is Spark
Fullan (6, Girl): Meaning of Fullan is Blooming
Fulmala (7, Girl): Meaning of Fulmala is Garland

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