Guru Graha or Brihaspati Gayatri Mantram – Moola Mantra, Adhi Devata, Prathyadhi Devta Mantrams

Guru Graha or Brihaspati graha gayatri mantrams are the Gayatri mantras to be chanted during Guru graham puja or Brihaspati japam (Puja to pacify the effects of Planet Jupiter). Here are the Guru graha Gayatri mantras for Adhi devata and Prati devata along with the main Brihaspati gayatri mantra.

Guru Graha Gayatri Mantram

Om taranathaya vidmahe deva gurave dheemahi thanno guruh prachodayath

Adhi Devata Mantram

Om chaturmukhaya vidmahe vishnuputraya dheemahi thanno brahma prachodayath

Prathyadhi devata mantram

Om sahasrakshaya vidmahe trilokeshaya dheemahi thanno indrah prachodayath

Other Navagraha Gayatri Mantras

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  1. Hi I was performing Brihaspati Vaar pooja I forgot and had Salt.

    What will be the remedy?

    Can anybody please help me

  2. Strotra Sangrah

    In Hinduism, a Stotra is a hymn of praise.These hymns praise aspects of the divine, such as Devi, Siva, or Vishnu. Relating to word “stuti”, coming from the same verb, stu (to praise), and basically both mean “praise”

  3. could someone tell me when my suffering will be over. dob is 27-10-1975. time 2am. place bangalore . india.