Gudi Padwa 2012: Gudi Padva 2012, Marathi New Year 2012

Gudi Padwa, also spelt as Gudi Padva, is Marathi New Year of Maharashtra and Goa celebrated on the first day of Chaitra Month. Gudi Padwa 2012 date is March 23, Friday, in India. It marks the beginning of Nandana nama samvatsar, Shaka Samvatsar 1934 (Gregorian calendar year 2012-2013). It is known as Sansar Padvo or Samsar Padwo in Goa. It is believed that on the first day of Chaitra month which heralds the Vasant rithu, Lord Brahma created the Universe as per the Brahma Purana.

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On Gudi Padwa, Gudhi (flag) is hoisted on every house in Maharashtra. It is also celebrated as the Victorious Day of Chhatrapati Shivaji Mahraj.

In Hawaii, USA Gudi Padwa date is March 22. And for all other countries like USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, UAE, Middle East countries, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.. Gudi Padwa 2012 date is March 23.

Gudi Padwa is celebrated as Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It marks the starting of Kannada New Year and Telugu New Year.

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