GSB Seva Mandal Ganpati 2016 Virat Darshan

Virat Darshan of GSB Seva Mandal Ganpati 2016 will be held on 5 September at Kings Circle’s GSB Seva Mandal. Organised by GSB Seva Mandal, GSB Ganpati considered as the richest Ganpati Mandal in Mumbai city.

In 2016, Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations starts on September 5 and ends on September 9.

King Circle’s GSB Seva Mandal Ganesha was the most expensive, costliest Ganpati for 2016 Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in Mumbai, and throughout the world.

King Circle’s GSB Seva Mandal will host the most costliest Ganesha idol in the city, worth more than several tens of crores.

The Ganesh mandal will keep the idol at the pandal for five days during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival that starts on September 5 and lasts for 5 days. The idol will also be adorned with gold weighing nearly 100 kg, which includes two kg of gold that was donated by a devotee to the mandal recently.

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