Gopalkala 2013 or Dahi Handi celebrations during Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Dahi Handi, also popular as Gopalkala, is the major celebrations in Maharashtra, and Gujarat states during Sri Krishna Janmashtami festival. Gopalkala 2013 or Dahi Handi 2013 date is August 29.

It is celebrated on the next day of Janmashtami. This festival attracts thousands of enthusiastic people from all over Maharashtra to Mumbai and Pune where the celebrations reach their peeks.

Nowadays Dahi Handi or Gopalkala has become compulsory ritual in Janmashtami celebrations. We can understand the importance and social significance of these festivals as that there are some professional groups involved with the celebrations in Mumbai and Pune.

Nandotsav or Nanda Mahotsav is celebrated in many temples dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna on the day next to Janmashtami.

Gopalkala 2012 or Dahi Handi 2012 date was August 10.

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