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    Jannat Hussain

    APJ Abdul Kalam should be made Prime Minister of India to eradicate corruption, poverty, scientific backwardness, etc.,


    Owaisi’s Chela

    I want anyone above the list except Narendra Modi as prime minister of India in by elections of 2013 or general elections 2014


    Narendra Modi

    Although MODI has done wonders for Gujrat, unlike any other State, his communal background and participation in Riots that were instigated against Muslims to shift the blame on them has been hidden under coercion of Witnesses.

    Many people mostly Hindus with Conscience and dignity have come out to tell him of his involvement in massacre of thousands of Muslims. If MODI ever acknowledges his mistakes, I will give him a chance to fulfill his promise to protect all irrespective of faith if he becomes PM. Because, Congress only talks but does quite the opposite in protecting Muslims like in Assam under a secular constitution of India.

    Even the Courts are now being politicized! If Muslims are cornered and targeted they will fight for their rights as a citizens if INDIA in a democratic way. The limits will reached when BJP starts targeting of Muslims by their Associates VHP, SHIV SENA and JAN Sangh, etc they better watch out!!


    Pseudo Secularist

    I heard Akbaruddin Owaisi’s speech yesterday. It is people like him responsible for such poor state of Muslims . Due to such people Afghanistan , Pakistan and many of muslim countries are suffering . at the end of the day poor people suffers. Nothing is perfect .there may be some injustice to some people in this country but that is true for all communities .

    What has happened to Hindus in Kashmir . History is full of atrocities on Hindus by Muslim rulers . Inspite of this India offer equal opportunities to every one in India . Now a days in India no corporate world manged by a Hindu discriminate based on religion in general . Can you expect this in Pakistan.

    Can you imagine with ninty percent Hindu population there can be a Muslim chiefs minister (Rajasthan , Maharshtra) But show me example where with 90 percent Muslim population Hindu can become chiefs minister (Kashmir) Show me even single example in India . Human beings unfortunately have hidden ghost named Hate. It depend to what extent each one of us control it . People like Owaisi try to exploit this Ghost. Thus my request to fellow Muslims to ignore such people work with mainstream .

    Do not try to like hatemongers, Try to love passionate politicians like Modi.. Don’t get trapped in pseudo secularism.. Be awake and aware.

    Narendra Modi will become next prime minister for India.



    savitha kiran gudipati

    It is high time that India needs a PM candidate like Narendra Modi.  We are fed up seeing the acrobat from Congress long time and the so called secular parties.  Everyone talks, touts but none do anything for people.  As an NRI I feel disgusted and apathetic voting as we Know the outcome.

    despite our concerns/ frustrations, we appeal to young India to vote Narendar MOdi as their leader as he stands as a testimony of principles and ethos.  A bachelor living in a normal house with no asset to back.  Rare we find such politicians in today’s time.

    He is worth becoming the next PM.

    Savitha Gudipati

    Hare Srinivasa


    swajeet saran

    Well if BJP has a majority then Ms.Sushma Swaraj is the best choice, as She is quite in command of her position in the present Parliament. This would help build up confidence amongst  women in the country.

    If UPA gets a chance then Mr. Chidambaram is the best choice.

    There may be chances of new alliances bringing about Ms. Mayawati in power and getting an opportunity too.

    We hope these politicians feel their conscience and stop playing around with our sentiments. It is high time to put themselves IN ORDER ONCE & FOR ALL !!!!



    Narain Karthikeyan

    It is surprising to see even the so called educated class get carried away by the systematic media publicity given for Modi as future PM. Can any body name one single project conceived and completed by him during his long tenure?. CM of Rajashthan is much superoir to him in planning for a gigantic refinery in Rajahsthan. At present most educted and well deserving candidate is Chidambaram only and no other party has a competent candidate superior to him



    Na Mo should be P M



    Well India has had a successful period 10 years back when BJP was in power under the leadership of AtalJi. New had enough of congress , how you guys expect chidambaran will be one the Prime minister  when he and Mr Manmohan is a caused in 2g case and  with all blessings of  Madam Sonia. This country has seen enough of  rape,  corruption after  corruption to the core … No feeling for the citizens of India .


    Now we need to elect someone who is responsible and accountable for  the country .  Iam proud of what is happening in Gujarat , need to  under stand the development. And the projects brought in to the state which is un imaginable  and need to give him a chance to show what he can do , I am sure  by 2020 India will at least set n to the path of being the super power . Keep congress congress out of the  parliament.


    grb naidu



    Kishan Vasekar

    Any body will Do , as Long Mr Manmohan singh does not come back. Only one condition -He should be servant of India not Soniayji-Congress has ruined the country and if they come back , even God can not save India.Jai Shrikrishna


    A K Nair

    Hi………. I am not a politicial party activist or a supporter any political party. However, I am trusted in Mr. Narendra Modi, because after so many calamities…like the riots, earthquakes…etc…..he brings the gujarat state, no.1 in India. Can anybody shows, any other leaders or states in this level of progressing. After the riots, so many years passed…all the happenings in this world, peoples forgot within 2 or 3 years!!!!! why only modi case is remembering…..Its nothing else….only the CONGRESS PARTY……they need a setback in gujarat. For that…the congress governments and activists are playing a BIG role for this….they are manipulating MODI….like this……,so my humble request is to the common man………………Don’t think / View…through other’s eye / thoughts……Use your brain / eye only…..As a common Indian man…..We need only a Corruption Free and Powerfull Man as a PRIME MINISTER…..minimum…..Proud to say that…We are Indians….and am an Indian….and We brought INDIA in the TOP MOST ONE in the WORLD……………..


    narendra modi

    narendra modi is only the indian ruler.



    I want the following as the preferred PM’s:
    1. Narender Modi
    2. Subramanyam Swami
    3. Chandrababu Naidu



    Why not Barak Obama — me? I know everything that Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh does not know. I listen to all these communications that he, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Industrialists (Tata, Bajaj, Ambani, and Radiya) dealt with disenfranchising Indian poors. Rich in India have become richer (only Modi’s middle class expanded), justlike in USA where rich millionaires are becoming billionaires and more, at behest of middle class and poors & downtrodden.

    Elect me for Universal Supreme President of English-speaking countries, and get rid of old hag — The Her Royal Heaviness Queen Elisabeth.

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