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    Seetaramashastri KV

    What is Bhadraksha (Bhadraksha beeds)?

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    Pranthi Rudra

    Bhadraksha is light in weight when it compare to Rudraksha and it will float in water, but it look same like Rudraksha.

    There is another way of detecting it, Hold bhadraksha beads in your right palm then close your hand, if you feel some vibration then you can conclude it is rudraksh or else it is bharaksha.

    Another difference is Bhadraksha is flatten where as Rudraksha is bit pointed near head.

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    Rudraksha and Badraksha are almost same. They have slight differnce between them.

    Bhadraksha is light in weight than Rudraksha.

    Bhadraksha and rudraksha are the tears are Lord Shiva fallen on earth.

    Bhadraksha grows in trees and they help us to cure and get rid from different diseases.

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    Bhadraksha and Rudraksha Both are same but Small Defference is There in between Them.

    Bhadraksha and Rudraksha Both are Grow to trees and this is light whight when comparing whight of Rudraksha. Bhadraksha is used as Ayurvedic also.

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    Rudraksha should be bought in proper place and authorised gems and jewellers who sell good rudraksha and navrathna. If you get it from roadside, most of time it will be fake.

    Also get only commonly available rudraksha, if you search for rare rudraksha beads, they will make fake to earn money. So go for only 5 face rudraksha.

    Bhadraksha has many medicinal properties and used in ayurvedic medicines. It is not suitable for worship. Rudraksha is suitable for worship and can store energy when used with mantras. Bhadraksha can be called the inferior form of rudraksha. Beware of fake bhadraksha

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    Naveen Sanagala
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    R U Mishra

    Recently some Astrologer advised to wear Abhimantrit 13 Mukhi Rudraksh for me.He also quoted some price for it.I consider it some what on higher side.He also cautioned me about getting Bhadraksh instead of Rudraksh if I try to get it from Nepal.As per his opinion 13 Mukhi Rudraksh is not found in Nepal.It is imported from Indonasia only.Is it correct? What is the approximate cost of 13 Mukhi Rudraksh and where can I get it?

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    Naresh Makwana

    I have seen tree but do not know its medicinal uses. Kindly post the its uses. I have started to procure and grow rare medicinal plants,trees at my farm.i saw this tree at Jamnagar in Gujarat state last week.

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    @ R U mishra,

    Original 13 face rudraksha is verymuch available in nepal. A good bigger size bid can be easily available approx 10000 to 15000 depending on your burgaining skils

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