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    Actually, the Soul is already one with God. When this body takes form, only then particular soul enter the body.

    It is like ordering a shirt, waiting for the shirt to be stitched and wearing it aftrer stitching. For the Soul, the body is just a vehicle it uses to travel.

    People chhose types of cinemas too watch like horror comedy romance action in the same way soul which is with god chooses its own path to wchich it wants to go.

    No Karma and Sins decides the path for soul.
    So the Soul seeks an eligible body basedits intrest.

    It wants to have certain experiences. After one experience is finished, it goes over to another experience.


    Y S Rajashekar reddy

    The difference of living body and dead body is called a ” soul ”.

    After separation of the soul from the body, the body becomes inactive. This stage of the body is called ‘death’.

    Death occurs to the body only once. Soul will never get destroyed.  With the creamtion of the body only external body will be destroyed not the soul. Then the soul takes its place on the queue to have a new body according to its own will.



    I dont belive in rebirth, Karma and all. I have only one body,one soul. When my body is buried my soul will also get buried.

    I dont beleive in Devils and all. If the soul will go into other body based on his good deeds then mother teresa died long back still has not born again as a human. As she did good for the society her good deeds should give her rebirth immediately.

    Soul may be get buried or at worst cases i beleive that it may go into another body after death.

    But Karma will never decide the soul to were it should go.



    @keerthi:- U dont beleive in Soul rebirth its ok. But i strongly beleive in rebirth.

    There is clearly stated in BhagavatGeeta Soul will never die. Soul will definetly goes into another body based on Sins and Punyas we do



    Dear Reader

    Originally we are all souls only. No doubt about it. As we go on changing costumes in worldly life , similar way, the soul takes a different body( costume), after leaving the old one ( once the acquired/given   role is   performed/acted in this world drama). The quality of soul ( papATMA, punyaATMA,dharmATMA,mahanATMA,devaATMA etc.) depends upon events take place in the cycle of MIND-INTELLECT-SANSKARA( soul properties) and to fulfill its KARMA( Resultant of good or bad actions performed during earlier birth),   Soul ( infinite shining star) requires a body/instrument in this world & hence rebirth. Human soul takes human birth/role only, as a mango seed does not give a sapling of neem tree.



    I found this detailed article about “where do we go after death”. click the link below




    death is our manipulation. it is change of state. if water is turned into vapor, it do not mean the water is dead. it is change of state. it is our physical connectivity which craves for body. we experience death in deep sleep state every day, do we bother for it?



    all I can do is rationalize, it does not mean that I have got it right.. In this particular query, every idea is a conjecture based on our beliefs and upbringing. A Christian, a practicing one will belief that one either achieves heaven or hell status. A hindu or Buddhist believes rebirth and there is a whole lot of lists that suggest how and who you might end up as based on theories of morality and virtues. Whatever, they are all mere conjectures, rationalized and drawn to give relief to the enquirer and most probably to stabilize the human race from running amok.
    I am a Hindu, practicing one which means I pray and belief all the issues on karma and likes of it, am I positive that my learnings are founded on solid irrevocable proof undeniably accurate? NO… absolutely NO, but what other choice do I have then to be who I am, nurtured to think the way I do, an atheist is no better than me but at least I can hope, hope that what I believe is real when I do meet my end… I feel sad for those who belief in nothing, where then do place your hopes and fears, your aspiration and desires, who then becomes your role model of happiness and justice… So my dear readers, our soul upon death will do and go where we belief and we will stand corrected as we all eventually do, when truth will prevail in the end…



    Firstly I would like to say that we most definitely have a soul. I have had two very prominent spiritual experiences that have 100% confirmed to me that the soul does exist. My first experience was an out of the body experience when I accidentally got choked at 11 years of age. The second experience was with a friend, so there was two of us to witness the supernatural phenomena.

    Unfortunately my best friends partner had passed away, and his waist jacket appeared in the kitchen when we knew 100% for sure that we had both just put the waist jacket in the closet of the bedroom upstairs (we had not left each others sides for a moment since we had put the jacket in the closet in the bedroom, and there was no one else in the house). I have had quite a few other experiences, but these two were 100% for sure, solid evidence. Reincarnation has been proven as a scientific fact now, and according to the persons karma, will determine the next body.

    Also according to the state of ones mind at the time of leaving the body, the subtle body (i.e. mind, intelligence and ego) will carry the soul to the womb of the next Mother, could be on this planet or the higher planets or the lower planets, or of an animals body. But when someone has no material desires left (fed up with this temporary material existence, with the sufferings of repeated birth, death, old age and disease), then they can be reunited with the Lord of their heart ( mine is Lord Sri Krishna), then they can work towards achieving liberation from the repeated cycle of birth and death to live forever with their sweet Lord.

    I have been striving to learn the truth of why we are hear since I was 8 years of age, and nothing made sense to me apart from the ‘Hare Krishna’ philosophy, taught by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (affectionately called Srila Prabhupada, by his disciples). I have had some amazing experiences since devoting my life to Sri Krishna, that has confirmed to me that God ( the particular incarnation of God that I love is Sri Krishna), does exist. We do have a soul for sure, and we do have a spiritual parentage. Hare Krishna 😀



    Hindus and Buddhists believe that Human will reborn into a new body after death.

    According to Hinduism,  Karma of particular Soul will decide where our body goes to, either to heaven or hell or it goes into another planet or creature.

    Hindus believe that only Karma will decide were our soul goes after death based on Sins and Virtuous Deeds (Punyam, Good Karma, Good Deeds, Good works) when the soul was alive.

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