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    Naveen Sanagala

    How many types of marriages are there in Hinduism? Hindu Scriptures mentioned many types of marriages… Let us discuss on it..

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    Lal Krishna Sharma

    Manusmriti mentions 8 types of marriages. All other Hindu scriptures mention the same.

    • Brahmana Vivaha
    • Daiva Vivaha
    • Arsha Vivaha
    • Asura Vivaha
    • Gandharva Vivaha
    • Prajapati Vivaha
    • Rakshasa Vivaha
    • Pisaka vivaha
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    Daiva vivaha is the marriage of one’s daughter, full of ornaments to a priest who duly officiates at a religious ceremony, during the course of its performance.

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    There are eight Types of marriages in Hinduism. They are Brahma, Daiva, Arsha, Prajapatya, Gandharva, Asura, Rakshasa, Paishacha.

    The first four were considered proper. Rakshasa and Gandharva marriage was regarded acceptable to Kshatriyas as was Asura marriage for Vaishyas and Shudras.

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    There are 8 forms of marriages in Hinduism.

    As they are already stated above, i am just giving the basic idea about each marriage

    Brahmana Vivaham – The father of bride will search for a boy who learn vedas and gives his daughter to marriage along with gold and dowry.

    Daiva Vivaham – Here the bride will be given to a Preist or king for marriage.

    Arsha/Rishi Vivaham – Here the father of bride will give his daughter to a rishi by taking a Cow.

    Prajapata Vivaham – where the father gives away his daugher after blessing the couple with the text “May god bless you with Childrens and Prosperities”.

    Asura Vivaham

    Gandharva Vivaham – The voluntary union of a maiden and her lover, which arises from desire and sexual intercourse for its purpose.

    Rakshasa Vivaham – forceable Marriage is also called as Rakshasa Vivaham.

    Pisaka Vivaham – A man who marriages a girl who is handicapped or Mentally retarded.

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    Thanks Ranjith for ur info…can any one please tell what is Asura Vivaha??

    As @ranjith clearly gave all the details except Asura Vivaha some one can please tell me what is Asura Vivaha??

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    Doosri Radha

    I used to write comments on Hindupad for the benifit of spiritualism. Recently it came to notice that Naveen is adopting ghost-writing. I can not approve this practice. Hence no more comments. HARI BOL!

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    Naveen Sanagala

    Om Doosri Radhaji,

    There are number of contributors for Hindupad.com… Every post written by the contributor is published under the contributor’s name. Atleast I give credit to him.. There is no issue of ghost writing as anybody can contribute for Hindupad..

    Thanks a lot for comment. I expect more seva from you for Hindu Dharma.

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    K.vijay kumar

    Asura vivaham means a bridegroom purchases a bribe to marry her.

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    K.vijay kumar

    Ausura vivaham means a bridegroom purchases a bride to marry her.

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