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    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I hail from tamilnadu and follow the solar calendar. My purohit has fixed my nephew’s upanayana muhurut on 19 June 2013 his birth star is pubba. My friend says that because of Guru moodham upanayanam cannot be performed on that day. Please clarify whether that day is fit for upanayanam.


    Radhakrishnan Ramachandran

    According to scriptures, the age of brahmin should be 5 or 8 yrs, kshatriya 6 or 11 yrs and Veshya 8 or 12 yrs for Upnayan Sanskara. The maximum age for this Sanskara for Brahmins is 16 yrs, kshatriyas 22 yrs and for Veshyas is 24 yrs. According to astrology, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Mars are considered auspicious. Out of these Pisces and Mars are considered the best. It has been mentioned in the scriptures that Upnayan of the elder brother should be performed when Sun is located in the Taurus sign. Kshatriya and Veshya can perform this Sanskara when Sun is located in Gemini.

    Nakshatra is considered first for the assessment of Muhurtha of this Sanskara. This sanskara can be performed in the presence of any one of the following Nakshatras: Uttraphalguni, Uttrabhadrapad, Rohini, Mrighshira, raivati, Chitra, Anuradha, Hast, Ashwini, Pushya, Abhijeet, Swati, Punarvasu, Shravana, Ghanishtha, and Shatbhisha. However, Punarvasu is not a favorable Nakshatra for a Brahmin to perform this ritual.

    Second, third, tenth, eleventh and twelfth and the second, third and fifth dates of Krishna Paksha are considered auspicious to perform this Sanskara.

    Second of Ashad Shukla Paksha, eleventh of Poksha Shukla Paksha and twelfth date of Maagh Shukla Paksha are not considered auspicious for this Sanskara. Apart from these, rikta tithis (fourth, ninth and fourteenth) and Pratipada (seventh, eighth, thirteenth) as well as the tithis of full moon or no moon are also inauspicious for this Sanskara.

    For Upnayan Sanskara Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are considered very good.

    Strong Ascendant is considered auspicious for Upnayan Muhurtha. Ascendant which has an auspicious planet in its Kendra (first, fourth, seventh and tenth house) and Trine (fifth and ninth house) and a malefic planet in the third, sixth and eleventh house is considered good for this muhurtha. The Ascendant lord, Moon, Jupiter and Venus should not be located in the eighth house. It is auspicious if Moon is located in the Ascendant, its own sign or in an exalted sign. To perform this Sanskara, Moon should be in Ascendant or in the Navmansh of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus.

    Astrologers say that Moon should not be placed in the fourth, eighth and twelfth house from the birth-moon. Also avoid third, fifth and seventh Tara to perform this Sanskara. Moon and Tara should be auspicious during the assessment of Muhurtha for this Sanskara.



    This article was very good. We have planned for upanayanam for my son whose birth details are 8-8-2006 born in uthiradam nakshantram, magara rasi is 16th Sep 2013 a suitable date. Thanks and Regards Hariharan


    venkatraman kv

    My grandson was born on 24 November 1990. we want to conduct his upanayanam. please let me know the auspicious day, nakshatra and lagna based on his janma nakshatram


    Aditya Peravali

    Born on August 8, 2002.
    Time: 8.23.00 am
    Place: Ulm. Germany
    10 E, 48 N
    Nakshatram: Pushami
    Lunar day: Chitrabhanu, Ashadha, Amavasya



    We are planning to put upanaya for both of our sons as detailed below, pls give the best dates for the upanayan in April, May and June 2015
    First son- Shobith R
    Date of Birth – 27\4\2003, place of birth – Bangalore, Time of birth- 13.05 pm a
    Star – Poorathadi

    Second son- Susheel R
    date of birth- 17\6\2008, place of birth- Bangalore, time of birth- 10.20 am, Star – Anusham

    We are planning to put for both of them, hence request for appropriate dates for them.


    sunil; joshi

    DEar sir

    we r planning to upnayan of my son as birth details below please give the best dates for the upnayan in may 2015

    birth date : 06/03/2008

    birth time :01:05 am

    thanks & regardes

    sunil joshi

    birth place : jath (Maharashtra)


    Viswa teja upanayanam is fixed on 25.05.2015, cancer lagna, 9.33 am at hyderabad, father star kruttika,mother star moola vatuu. Alesh 4r


    eshan upadhyaya

    My son born on 10 october 2008 at afternoon 240pm ..plz tell upanayana moohurtham for


    Rama krishnA

    Respected sir
    We want to peeformo oursons upanayana this year pl help us in this

    Date of birrh. 08/04/2007
    Time 04:32 pm
    Place guntueandhrapradesh

    Pl give is claeification in thoa regard soon



    I would like to conduct the UPANAYANAM for my son aged 10+. We are Yajur Veda. Son’s Star is Maham. Koushika Gothram.

    Kindly provide the best auspicious date in the month of May-2016 for the same.

    Advance Thanks.


    Vani kumari

    Sir my eldest son nakshatra UK TARA and mothers ROBIN I fathers PURVABHADRA .We are kshatriya my son born on 31may 2001 .Our purohit gave muhurtham on 22 Apr 2016 at 10.56 am.pls confirm whether this muhurtham is fine.thanks in advance.



    Sir my eldest son nakshatra UTTARA and mothers ROHINI fathers PURVABHADRA .We are kshatriya my son born on 31may 2001 .Our purohit gave muhurtham on 22 Apr 2016 at 10.56 am.at hyd.pls confirm whether this muhurtham is fine.thanks in advance.


    M s venkatesh Murthy

    Dear sir.
    My two brothers planning to perform the upanayana for their sons on the same day. Can it be performed on the same day Please clarify. If so provide me a date in the May month
    venkatesh murthy

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