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    Bhaskar raja

    Dear Friends,

    I beg  to the Youngsters of modern world please our Country (BHARATH) is entirely different from Others we have culture Principles for how to lead a happy life, Please don’t spoil this is our Mother it is every ones duty to take care of our mother.

    Note: whoever and whatever you are No matter HINDU CHRIST MUSLIM all are one HUMAN  whatever scripture you read please read properly under a proper GURU and understand it in right way then lead others.

    Thank you

    Bhaskar raja ( Chennai)



    Dear Mr. Raghav or whatever,

    You are living in the 21 st century where you love the song of honey singh abusing the girl but when it comes to hear the truth you just don’t admit. In this country how many homosexuals reveals their identity. I say 1%, that doesn’t mean that they are not present in india. To accept the truth you need a be a mature individual. Moreover, We have to change what is necessary like terrorism, corruption, rape.
    They cannot change by just closing our eyes but opening it. Atleast people should be honest.



    Yaar Savitha….chill….the problem with intelligent and religious people like u is..u want everyone to b like u and want to drag them into the so called Dharmic things…not possible dear…. let people live their life….God will take care of us all eventhough u have sex or not….



    I see the reply from one of the respondent is disgusting.  There is something called likemindedness.  If one differ from other view, they are welcome too as it is a freedom of speech that doesn’t mean that one goes to an extent of abusing some one with filthy utterance like this.

    Dialogue, advice and suggestion is always part of any debate.  It is one to either to accept or reject it but better if one refrain from making such comments.

    I would like to ask the person whether he / she be ready tomorrow when his / her kid is faced with the same plight.  Would you have the gut to put your little ones in the rotten system. 

    Let us use this forum to uphold the principles of Hindu Dharma, philosophy and principles and refrain from using this forum for Twitter / Facebook.

    The forum has been formed with a particular purpose of spreading awareness on our Dharma and its anustana.

    I appeal to the moderator of this website to monitor the comments before they are being uploaded onto the web as it is dangerous for youngsters to get exposed to.

    Savitha Kiran Gudipati


    Roshan Bodne

    Hello frds , well this topic is very imp bcoz this topic reflect the individual thinking towards their present (with whom they are ) and towards their future( with whom they will be). Its hard to answer this question because everyone thinks their present and future both…so its get a mess.
    Before going to this topic i would tell u that dnt take it personally and dnt raise any personal question on anyone about having their wife/husband in future. Having sex before marriage is not a crime , its just a mental question whose answer is different for different individual. Human body grows up with different stages. When we are kids , our body love to play , so we do it . As time passes our body needs a physical touch and a mental support and we call it love. Our body needs it so we do it . Every person has right to do everything in their life what their body and heart ask them to do. If their is love while doing that, it is good and they should carry it to marriage otherwise it would be a cheat step. And if they say that we broked up bocz we had miss understanding in our relationship after having sex , so someone among both is still not serious, bcoz sex makes serious relationship more serious.
    Directly coming to my answer , having sex before marriage is not a crime , even though i am still vergine lol. It depends on individual how we takes it when we are going to start a new relationship. If we are starting a new relation then why to have old things in new relation. Just put some sand on it as punjabi says and start a new relation . having sex before marriage dosnt makes us impure. If ur heart and mind is clean u r still the pure human being.
    I want to ask a question to people who says having sex before marriage is a crime, when a girl whose husband dies at border or anywhere , gets re-married to a another man , is she wrong. Question is different but still the same . That time also the man can say u are not pure . i cant marry u .. no .. its just the way we think frds.
    If i love a girl with my whole heart , i will accept her in any condition. Thx if u have read the above lines and tell me what u think about the way i think.


    Young monk

    To Roshan bande : i like to clarify something . According to Hindu tradition Sex is one of the Purusharthas of life. Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha are the four Purusharthas of a Hindu’s life. The Kama here means all the activities, which give us pleasure. Sex is also one of those activities.

    Sculptures on temples have some sex positions this is explained as The sculptors created those pieces of arts is only outside the temple because it signifies that all those feelings must be left outside the temple, before entering the inner sanctum.There are no such sculptures inside the temple.The sexual depictions in some of the temples were mean to not only educate the people, but also to help those who were involved in sexual sadhanas for enlightment. There is a difference between Nudity and expression of beauty and pornography.What appears in Hindu puranas and Itihasas are the expressions of genuine beauty and not pornography.

    According to Kama Sutra,the man should practise Dharma, Artha and Kama at different times and in such a manner that they may harmonize together and not clash in any way.He should acquire learning in his childhood, in his youth and middle age he should attend to Artha and Kama.In his old age he should perform Dharma and thus seek to gain salvation ie liberation.Moksha is a long process which can be achieved only when all material desires are fulfilled.

    Acharya Rajnish aka Osho,in his book- “Sambhog Se Samadhi Tak” has very convincingly explained this. He says that a person is always engaged in pleasure till a time comes that he is satisfied of all these things going around the temple and then he enters the temple to see the God.That is first you have to deal with very natural things like Kaam and only after crossing this, you can attain Gyan or knowledge of God.

    *Sex as Meditation-

    During a conversation between Shiva and Shakti(Vigyan Bhairava Tantra),Devi Asks-

    O Shiva, what is your reality ?
    What is this wonderful universe ?
    What consttutes seed ?
    Who controlls the universal wheel ?
    What is this life beyond form pervading forms ?
    How may we enter it fully,
    above space and time,
    names and descriptions ?
    Let my doubts be cleared !

    Shiva then explains her 112 methods of meditation to attain enlightment.

    Lord Shiva explains-

    At the start of sexual union
    Keep attentive on the fire in the beginning,
    And so continuing,
    Avoid the embers in the end.
    When in such embrace your senses are shaken as leaves,
    Enter this shaking.
    Even remembering union,
    Without the embrace.These verses clearly indicate how sexual act can be utilized for achieving enlightment.Enlightment is a state, when all egos vanish.As in a sexual act, the couple leaves behind their ego and unites with each other and achieves sexual ecstasy. This very thing can be utilized to achieve spiritual ecstasy.

    *Sex as Yajna-

    Yajna or sacrifice is derived from root word “Yaj”,which means Worship or offering an oblation.It is an act by which a couple surrenders the ego, in order to gain pleasure,satisfaction and progeny.

    “Her lap is a sacrificial altar, her hairs, the sacrificial grass,her skin, the soma-press,the two labia of the vulva are the fire in the middle.So great is the world of his who practises sexual intercourse.These verses from “Upanishad” clearly indicate that, sex is a form of worship and also as an act of sacredness.


    The Hindu Sage,Vatsayana says, both men and women should learn Kamashastra. In Hindu society sex was always considered to be individual choices.There are many instances in our history and scriptures mentioning pre-marital sex and love marriages.Also the extra marital affairs are personal affairs, we should let individuals to decide about it. Hence it is improper to call them anti-Hindu acts.Gandharva Marriage is the voluntary union of a maiden and her lover, which arises from desire and sexual intercourse for its purpose.

    Hinduism has given freedom to its people. In Hindu society sex is neither a taboo nor pornography.Sex is a sacred act,recognized as human desire to be satisfied and which may be used to attain the ultimate goal of enlightment.

    Yet some scriptures says that Sex must be done for a proper cause which mean in order to give a life to good child((( good child mean a child who develops into sath guna shresta who dosent have bad qualities nor bad talks nor bad thinking ! he is one with good qualities and here on earth to do good and do service to his parents, society , to God ! ) ) after having poojas, vratas,dhanams, and their blessings.

    See u r saying sex is something that makes us to have it , njoy it but dear u r human not a animal to go and have sex with whom ever u want nor whome ever u loved before marriage ! as i said before according to hindhutatva if u r doing sex you must do some vratas nd poojas before that in order to ask god to give you a good son ( sathguna shrestrudu) and then u must do sex with your wife in some of the sex postions (or all if u r really serious to try ! ) that were in kamasutra.

    U can say u will have only sex with your girl whom you are going to marry . Oh dear you are getting that girl you are going to marry that girl ! Y so urgent ! You must have patience ! if u cant control your emotions how can u control your son who is result of u today ? You must have patience and you must do the work tht u have ! u must concentrate on that first and then when time comes after ur marriage u can have all the pleasures and attain moksha !

    If u have sex with someone like friend or unknown as a fact of phsycology remember one thing u r already having sex with someone today one girl may tomrw or other day u will go to other girl bcoz u cant hold ur desires nd feeligns so u will go to one. and on one day after having marriage u will have sex with wife thats no problem but after few days few months definetly u will loose intrest in sex ! im saying save your desires, save your energy .. Use it for one girl who is going to live with you for whole life . give her your finest pleasure and finest desires nd finest Sex ! dont waste your desires, Love, Intrest on sex to un wanted girls or women ! Even this apt to women ! Please WOmen or Men dont waste your desires or love on sex to someone give it to only Your life Partner who is serving your for their whole life ! they deserve it ! they r living with you bearing you for whole life so to make them relaxed and forget the daily tensions and etc etc give your Finest love with Great sex||||

    THank you

    god bless U



    Roshan…if you don’t contact me….I will show everyone what you think of sex before marriage


    sapolia ashok

    Hi friends
    This is ashok want to admit my opinion. Actually sex is the most powerful and sacred emotion on this earth. I myself have the experience of this. Sex before marriage might not be carried out. Probably sex education should be totally abolished. Most of the time we used to do the things what we know and knowledge have curiosity in it. The children should have the stuff that make them to think about to raise in other fields. But sex is an instinct that make its feeling itself so enjoy the same but after achieving your professional goal. Marriage should not be an obstacle in it.


    Amit Kumar Rana

    Dear Friend,

    Whether we are Hindu or Christian or any religion, all that matter is a love we share our true love with someone. The person with whom we want to spend our whole life, give all of our belonging to him/her.
    And if you are willing to spend your whole life with him then, why you should have s*x now?

    You very well know this she will be yours one day. Proof yourself! Make her parents believe that you are the right guy she have chosen.
    If this ain’t enough ask yourself that are you the right guy for him? Can you give him all happiness that she need?
    If this all true then wait for the right time (i.e. after marriage). You get all rights over your lady. No will stop you.

    If you would have s*x with your girlfriend today, then you will regret yourself tomorrow and your whole life if you two don’t get married. Everyday you will regret yourself for exploiting her and not being loyal to her and your wife.

    Wait for the right time boy don’t get judgemental. S*X is a very enjoyable don’t share it with anyone in general. Wait for your true love.

    And now its up to you. Is your life, your sin and your world.

    Amit Kumar Rana

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