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    Naveen Sanagala

    How you feel visiting Tirumala Tirupati Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple? What will be / was in your mind when you enter into Garbhagriha?

    What you have prayed to the Lord for? Your wish fulfilled??

    How many times you have been to Tirumala Balaji Temple? If you have not visited the temple yet, then when are you planning to visit?

    Let us share our experiences on Tirumala Tirupati Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple, the richest God in the world…


    Shastri Uppunuthala

    I had Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateshwara Swamy Darshanam for five times till now. And planning to go again in May 2013. I had darshanam very easily for first four times. But the last time, it became very difficult for me to get darshanam.

    The security people in front of Garbhagriha pushed me so hard that I could not see the Lord for a moment. My leg got hurt. I felt very bad and complained to higher authorities.

    I didn’t know what action the higher authorities had taken on the security people but I wish my next visit to Lord Balaji would be grateful one.





    I visited thirupathi with  a group on march 1st 2013. I had visited earlier too many times . I was looking forward to this dharshan after a gap of 10 yrs. In one word, it was very disappointing. The crowd was  too much and not orderly. We almost suffocated.I had a glimpse of the Lord for 5 seconds. Before my old eyes could adjust to the sight, we were pushed by the women guards and handled roughly and pulled aside. I decided I would hereafter seek a good, satisfying, peaceful, Dharshan of Balaji in one of the many venkatesha temples in Mumbai and not visit Thirupathi.



    people of india are cheated and treated in worst manner in tirupati. the administration is so greedy and occupied by hooligan elements who treat devotees like cattles, especially to do this the cunning  administration have planted women of harsh nature to do this, it is unbearable that women how they pull and kick devotees  . i feel higly ashmed to visit tirupati, the abode of goon lords.there is slightest element of devotion in the people who work there, for money.


    true hindu

    God stays every part of universe but only cheater and fraudster who have black money stays in tirumala, never go there, its a shame on hindu. You can see all the thugs around temple trying to rob you off by any means.


    Rupesh Prasad

    I had darshan of lord at tirumala 5-6 times. Everytime it was an unique experience.

    But one common thing is amout of inner piece which you feel,once u see d god.

    God is really great. So please concentrate on god ,venkatesh mahamatya & leave the other problem apart.

    Because these  problem are cause by our fellow human beings  & we all  are in mode of ignorance.These problem are very common in any indian temple.

    Govinda Govinda

    Hari Bol




    Tirupati is an amazing place to visit and see , the lord here is most mercifull and does grant all the devotees wishes to them thats why the loyalty of his devotees are seen there in huge numbers every day . The temple administration are still humans like us and are not official members of the temple who work there ,they are volunteers who come there to work for a day or fixed no of days and are not trained by the administration so they have to be ignored as they are not officials of the temple



    I may sound crazy what i am about to share. I visited Tirupati just a couple of weeks ago. I have been planning to visit for 10 years and it comes true in 2016. I heard Balaji decides devotee visit, i mean one have to have strong desire for darshan. I think i believe this, since my plan had been canceled many times and wishing for long. I was really happy like a child when my plan of visiting came true this time. I was thinking, wow Balaji really wants me there. I must say, i have been many religious/ holy places in the world but never had feelings like this before. This place has got something. When i enetered in Tirupati i was happy for no reason. There was different energy inside me. My darshana was not easy, i guess it upset me as well but i thought like me there are thousands so… Or perhaps Balaji is testing me. After 11 hours of que and waiting i finally had a glimpse of the god. Unfortunately i have long sight problem so j could not see the god vividly. Never mind i want to take my parents next year and certainly i take my glasses then. Regarding wishes! I heard that not a single devotee returned empty hand from there so lets see. Those at least who have faith on god, i suggest this place is worth to visit at least once in a life time
    Jai Shri Balaji Maharaj
    Govinda Govinda

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