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    Kriti Krishnamurthi

    Ganesh Pandals in Kazipet – list of famous Ganapathi Mandapams in Kazipet city and the surrounding areas of Kazipet.



    lets not forget the most itrnpmaot aspect of this whole thing-the puja pandal!! for gods sake, the puja organisers where not trying to mint money for so called commercial purposes by imitating the characters whose copyright is well deservedly held by rowling and warner bros. But lets thank rowling for the fact that she made this pandal really famous(unintentionally though) and i should presume that it would induce many more visitors from far corners of kolkata and beyond, to visit maa kali in this saltlake panadl and also explore the whole copyright debate therein. This also makes up for ‘adda’ talk!!



    Ramakrishnan The reason for the Visarjan might have been beusace the Visarjans start taking place from the second day itself after the arrival namely One and a half day, 3rd, 5th,7th and the 11th day. Still, the experience must have been wonderful, thanks for sharing a part of it. :)@Kavita Hey Kavita, Glad to see you after a long time. Take your time, take care and remember, you are missed :)@Renu @Mareta I agree completely, and the awareness regarding all these things is only increasing with each passing year or so I [email protected] Yes, and see time has started to tick again and it’s just a matter of a year when we will have all the festivities and celebrations back in our midst. I was thinking about you when I did this festival series. I remember you telling me how fond you are of the elephant God when we had met :)@cosmos A kind hearted soul like you, I am sure He has already heard you out :)@Abhishek Bharadwaj Not all are immersed in seas and rivers, many of them do it at homes in an ecofriendly manner. Some others immerse them in artificial lakes and ponds set up by the BMC at various places. It does lead to contamination which is a very sorry story associated with this [email protected] Same here. Nothing can replace memories they are for, forever to treasure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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