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    yes, u can

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    Mahesh Nikki

    My grandmother said reading garuda puranam at home is not good… it indicates some one died in home. That’s why garuda puranam chant when some one died.

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    Can you please provide garuda puranam hindi or english to download (pdf)

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    Dear Arun, here is the link to garuda puranam in hindi and english, hope this will benefit you


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    can you explain the importance of garuda puranam in our daily life. is this any different from other puranas in the way of recitation and who is the author of garuda puranam

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    can you please provide garuda puranam in telugu version. I need this as my father finds it easy to read telugu. Please provide this garuda puranam in telugu for the benefit of readers

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    I heard that there are different methods of punishment according to garuda puranam. is it true ?

    Can you provide the details of punishment according to garuda puranam and also who will punish us after our death. will it be in yamlok or is it a separate department altogether

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    Yes you can read the Garuda Puranam at home. There is absolutely no restriction about this issue. It is a big misconception that it has to be read only during someone’s death. Some of the chapters in Garuda Puranam mention about the punishment being offered to people for the mistakes. It can be a great lesson for anyone to be conducting themselves in the most ideal way. It will prevent people from taking up to crime and make them feel that God is watching us all the time. This is the importance of Garuda Puranam.

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    Who is the Author of Garudapurana

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    The person who do sins in his life will have to go through the process of justice described in GARUDA PURAN.. VYAS muni is the author of all these puranas.. The Garuda puran is mainly talking of THE MAHA VISNU & GARUDA DEV.

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    Swetha Rao Bellanki

    I am listen to Garuda Puranam on some my relative death ceremony, and got attracted to the content of Garuda Puranam.

    Can i read Garuda Purana at my home is it good to read it?

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