Ekadashi October 2014 dates

Ekadashi October 2014 are – Pasankusha Ekadashi & Rama Ekadashi. In October 2014, the dates of Ekadashi Vrata are – 4 | 5 October and 19 October.

Ekadashi Vrat, a highly meritorious vrat of Lord Vishnu, is observed on 11th day in each fortnight of Hindu month.

Pasankusha Ekadashi..

4 October (Smarta Ekadashi)

5 October (Vaishnava / Bhagvat Ekadashi)

Pasankusha Ekadasi falls on Shukla Paksha Ekadasi in Ashwin month as per Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati & all other North Indian Hindi calendars. It is observed on the following day of Dussehra (Dasara / Vijayadashami).

It is also referred to as Papankusha Ekadasi or Padmanabha Ekadashi. Padmanabha Swamy (A form of Vishnu) is also worshipped on this day.

This Ekadashi falls in….

Hindi Month (North Indian calendar) – Ashwin Month, Telugu Month – Ashwayuja Masam, Kannada Month – Ashwina Masa, Marathi Month – Ashwin Mahina, Gujarati Month – Aso Maas, Tamil Panjangam – Purattasi Masam, Malayalam Month – Kanni Masam, Bengali Panjika – Aashin Month, Nepali Patro – Asoj Month.

Rama Ekadashi – 19 October 2014

It falls in Kartik Month as per North Indian Hindi calendars and in Ashwin Month according to Amavasyant Panchangams followed in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

Read the story of Rama Ekadashi which is associated with King Muchukunda and his daughter Chandrabhaga.

How to observe Rama Ekadashi, what to do on this Ekadashi, which stotras or slokas should be chanted on Rama Ekadashi – Read the full detailed information here.

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