Effects of Lizard Falling on body parts of men and women in Hindu Astrology: Palli Dosham or Ballipaatu Dosham

Lizard Astrology (Palli Dosha shastram / Gowli Pathana Shastram) is a part of Hindu Astrology which tells the effects of lizard falling on body parts of men and women. Most of the Hindus believe in it.

The effects of the lizard falling for men and women are different as per the shastra. ‘Muhurat Martand’ also explains these effects. Here are the effects of lizard falling on men and women..

Daily Panchangam 2014

Lizard Falling Effect on Men

Head                 Dispute or clash is on cards – Know the detail effects
Top head         Afraid of death (Mrithyu bhayam)
Face                  Financial profits (Dhana laabham)
Left eye           You may have a good news (Shubha vartha sravanam) – Know detailed effects
Right eye                   Un-successful / Fail / Lost something – Know detailed effects
Forehead                     Lack of involvement / Separation from beloved
Right cheek              You may have a bad news (durvartha sravanam)
Left ear                       Beneficial / gain of Income (dhana laabham)
Upper Lip                    Quarrel
Lower Lip                    Expect financial gain
Both lips together         Fear of death / Be ready for death news
Mouth                          Fear of bad health condition
Left of the backside     Victory / Gain
Night dreams                Fear of king or Ruler
Wrist                           Beautification / Modification
Arm                             Financial loss / Failure
Fingers                        Chance of meeting old friends
Right arm                    Trouble / Complexity
Left arm                      May bring shame on you
Thighs                         Loss of clothing (Vasthra nashtam)
Mustache                     Difficult time ahead
Foot                            Difficult time ahead
Back foot                    Get ready for a journey
Toes                            Physical illness

Lizard Falling Effects on Women

Head                           Afraid of death
Hair Knot                     Worry about sickness
Left eye                      Get love from your man
Right eye                    Creates mental stress
Right cheek                 Male child may born
Upper Right ear           Financial profits
Upper lip                     Be ready for disputes
Lower lip                    You’ll get new things
Both lips together        Quarrel or dispute is on cards
Backside                      Expect death news
Nails                           Conflicts / Arguments
Hands                          Expect financial profits
Left hand                    Creates mental stress
Fingers                        Get ornaments   (Abharana laabham)
Right arm                    Romance ahead
Shoulders                    Getting ornaments (Abharana laabam)
Thighs                         Expect romance
Knees                         Fondness / Affection
Ankle                          Complexity / Trouble
Calf of the leg             Expect visitors
Right leg                    You will be defeated / Loss
Toes                           Male child may born

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  1. True that, lizards don't decide our fate, but, in occasions, we tend to have a look at these predictions for they give some amount of relaxation or consolation in these tension filled life ! if they say something bad , just ignore, if you don't want to accept, and take a shower as "pariharam"…. Matter is finished ! agree ? so, let us not debate on this ! gud day ! :)

  2. I think I might have accidentally stepped on a lizard and squished it. Right feet. At night around 11:30 p.m. I was wearing slippers. What does this mean? Appreciate a response.

  3. Whatever we publish are according to the Hindu texts as we referred it here too.. Yes, exactly what you have said is correct we are living in a developing country (in fact a developing world) based on scientific diversification. Please do not dictate us what to write and what not to write.

  4. We are living in a developing country based on scientific diversifications. I request you not to mislead public by publishing such information. Your projections have no facts at all. Kindly stop all these which are against our humanity created by God.

  5. Dear Sir,

    Sweet day!
    Today morning after bath,a lizard fall on my left arm.i dont know whether it fall on my shoulder too.I am a girl.
    Kindly let me know the consequences,whether that is good or bad.
    What should i do for that.
    Thanks & Regards,

  6. A lizard fell on right side of the head and jumped to right shoulder.. wat hapens to my life
    on date:04/04/2014 female

  7. Today means 20th feb around 6am lizard fell on me while sleeping it was on my blanket right said i woke up n saw it was on my blanket only please tell me wat sign it is for women

  8. one fine sunday after my bath lizard was fall on my head & passed on my left shoulder bottom in a few minutes i listen bad news nearly 4. I m scarring about this what will happens in future Tell e what I have to do ?

  9. Lizard fell on my right hand, just after my wrist joint. What is the prediction. Also, a few months ago I accidently stamped a small lizard and it died.

  10. Lizard pissed off when i was in temple during sankashti it fell on my cloths n right arm wen i was in temple nite please tell me wt happens m scared

  11. when i was doing puja suddenly a lizzard crawled and touches my left leg small fingure at the bottom side please kindly let me know what are the effects of it

  12. Hi

    I am Harish S Yesterday evening around 6:30 P.M a lizard fell on my chest. Please can tell me what is the result

  13. after taking the curtains from the washing machine i saw 2 lizard dead (the lizards must have been inside the washing machine or it must have stick to the curtains when i put the curtains in the machine.) Is it a dosham for me or my fault for killing the lizards)

  14. hi sir one lizard fell on my dad’s head. is there any immediate solution. but i dont have golden lizard photo.. please reply me some..

  15. according to indian mythology what does lizard falling on the right side of the human body indicate

  16. I have been stamped lizard with my right leg since that day I have been facing lot of problems is there any solution for please let me know

  17. what happens when a lizard fall on chest or stomach and scrool down early in the morning at 5:30AM on monday?

  18. sir i had steped lizard with my right leg in morning 8.15am please can u tell me what is consequence

  19. sir night at 11 i was standing suddenly one lizard crossed my right leg finger and went away is there any bad thing will happen i am worried plz say sir

  20. hi sir, on 6th April 2013 evening around 5:10 or 5:15 p.m. when i was sweeping i saw lizard on left breast and on same night after 5: 00 a.m i got a dream that lizard is on my right thigh so please tell me is it good or bad am so worried.

    am eagerly waiting for yr reply


  21. good morning today on 6-4-13 i sleep on floor at 6:20 or 6:30 am my right hand front side lizard. i get up and i throw that lizard. what is that mens please reply me urgent.

    mehboob hussain 

  22. hi,im prasanna…
    what will b the effect of lizard jumping from left leg toe for a men in the nights.
    wil there be any dangerous effect..

  23. Today morning when i was going out of house two lizards fell on my pht shoulder is that good or bad

  24. these lizard superstitious feelings are introduces to keep the house neet and clean. lizard will grow where there are insects. have confidence. if it is true half the population would have been erased.

  25. i totally condemn the above superstitious belief.
    lizard urine is very toxic. our ancestors wanted us to avoid lizard, it is around when insects are vastly available in the house. the house has to be kept tidy to avoid the lizards. it is the prime reason to create above fear, it is is very much true, our half the population would have been wiped. .

  26. hi this is anjali sinha,today lizard jumped on my left leg,what will be happen ,plz tell me bcoz m in a big problem….

  27. hi,this is anjali sinha.today lizard jumps on my left leg…..what will be effect …..tell me fast….bcoz in this tym m in a big problem

  28. Yesterday night while lying down on bed,a lizard from the ceiling poop twice and drop on my right foot. I want to know the meaning. Thank u.

  29. Hi Sir,Am nandini here today morning before going to pooja room i used to wash my hands near sink ,by that time i stamped one lizard by right leg without knowing.Please guide me wat to do.By without knowing it has happen.

  30. A lizard fell on my right breast.I have found the effects of falling of lizard on shoulders.Would u please tell me the effect of that.THANK YOU

  31. Hi sir today morning i went to sai baba temple while entering to the temple from top of the roof lizards fell on my right side (front) of my head. wat will happen plz inform me …..

  32. Hi Sir, Yesterday 20th Feb 2013 evening at around 8 pm a lizard fell on my right side part of the head and while falling further it touched my right side part of the chest also. let me know what will happen.

  33. sir today a lizard fall on my head centre of 2 (chuzhis).sir pls tell me the reason. is it good or not. that was a white colour black dot lizard.

  34. Hi ,sir lizard fall on my left leg (between my calf and toes ) at 12:05 am on wednesday morning…please tell me what will happen.

  35. Hi,one lizard put on my mother head at the time of morning 6.00am on monday what should happen give me rly plz…………

  36. Hi,
    Got from bed around morning 4:45 to 4:50 and sat in the chair & a lizard fall on my back of my left shoulder what does it mean.