Dashain Ghatasthapana 2016 Muhurat, Auspicious Time for Ghatasthapana in Nepal

Dashain Ghatasthapana 2016, Time of Dashain Ghatasthapana in Nepal on 1 October 2016..

Ghatasthapana, installing ghata for Durga puja, marks the beginning of Dashain festival in Nepal. In 2016, Dashain Ghatasthapana date is October 1.

On this day, devotees plant seeds for Jamara. Barley, wheat, corn and rice are planted in a sand-filled pot. It is also called as Kalash. This kalash is kept in puja place which is away from sunlight during the festival days.

The seedlings come out of the kalash are given as Jamara along with Tika during Dashain festival.

As per the traditions and beliefs, grains are the sources of energy. These grains also have many ayurvedic characteristics and are also used for treating various diseases. That is the reason why these seedlings are given as Jamara and Prasad on Tika day.

The auspicious time or muhurat for Ghatasthapana is 8:35 AM in 2016 (October 1).

Jamara Puja Vidhi for Dashain

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