Chopda Pujan 2015 | Diwali Chopda Puja | Sharda Pujan | Muhurat Pujan

Chopda Pujan, also known as Sharda Pujan or Muhurat Pujan, is an important ritual during Diwali in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and some other Western parts and North Indian states in India. In 2015, Chopda Pujan date is November 11.

On this day, business people perform puja of account books and close their old accounts and start new accounts.

Ganesh Puja and Lakshmi puja is observed during Chopda Pujan. Devotees beg pardon for the past mistakes is requested from Lord Ganesha and Goddess Maha Lakshmi.

Shubh (auspiciousness) and Labh (profit / prosperity) are written in the account books to invoke the two Gods – Ganesh and Lakshmi.

Shubh Labh puja or Chopda pujan on Diwali

















In 2014, Chopda Pujan date was October 23.

In 2013, Chopda Pujan date was November 3.

Chopda Pujan 2012 date was November 13.

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