Chinga Masam 2015, Chingam Month in Malayalam Calendar

Chinga Masam or Chingam Month is the first month in traditional Malayalam calendar of Kerala. In 2015, Chinga Masam starts on August 17 and ends on 16 September. Malayalam calendar or Kolla Varsham begins on Chingam 1 or the first day of the Chingam month.

Chingam month 1 marks the beginning of Kolla Varsham 1191 (Malayalam calendar 2015-2016).

Onam or Thiruonam is the biggest of all festivals of Chingam month as well as of all festivals in Kerala.

Chinga Masam corresponds with Tamil month of Avani masam.

In 2015, Chingam month coincides with Shravan Month and Bhadrapada month in Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, and Kannada panchanga. Bengali month of Bhadra Mash is the corresponding month of Malayalam Chingam month. In Hindi calendars, mostly it corresponds with Shravan & Bhadrapada Month in 2015.

Important Festivals & Auspicious Days in Chingam Month 2015

Chingam 1 – 17 August

Vinayaka Chaturthi – 18 August

Sashti – 21 August

Ekadashi – August 26

First Onam – 27 August

Thiruonam – 28 August

Narayana Guru Jayanti – 30 August

Gokulashtami – 5 September

Ekadashi – 8 September

Veluthuvavu (Purnima) – 29 August

Karthuvavu (Amavasya) – 13 September

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