Margashira Masam 2017 in Telugu Calendar

Margashira masam or Margasira month is the ninth month as per Telugu calendar. In 2017, Margashira masam begins on November 19 and ends on 18 December. Margashira month is considered as auspicious month for Telugu people as it is the favorite month for Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna himself says that he is the Margashiram. This […]

Ashwayuja Masam 2017 in Telugu calendar

Ashwayuja masam, Ashwayuja month, is 7th month in Telugu Panchangam of Andhra Pradesh. In 2017, Ashwayuja masam starts on 21 September and ends on October 19. Durga Saran Navaratri, Aswayuja Purnima, and Deepavali are the important festivals in Aswayuja masam in Telugu calendar. Telugu Ashwayuja masam starts with Sharada Navaratri Kalasha Sthapana and ends with […]

Bhadrapada Masam 2017 in Telugu Calendar

Bhadrapada masam, Bhadrapada month is 6th month in Telugu calendar of Andhra Pradesh. In 2017, Bhadrapada Masam begins on August 22 and ends on September 20 with Mahalaya Amavasya (Sarva Pithru Amavasya). Bhadrapada maasam is considered inauspicious for Gruhapravesham, marriages, engagements, and all other auspicious functions. It is considered as Shunya Masam. In Bhadrapada month as […]

Ashada Masam 2017 in Telugu Calendar | Ashadamasam 2017 dates

Ashada masam (Nija Ashadamasam) is the 4th month in Telugu calendar of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. In 2017, Ashada masam starts on June 24 and ends on July 23 as per the Telugu Panchangam. Similar dates are observed as Ashada masa in Kannada, Marathi, and Gujarat Amavasyant Chandramana Panchanga. Ashada Masa Shukla Paksham begins on June […]

Why People put Mehandi designs in Ashada Masam (Gorintaku / Maidaku)

Ashada Masam Mehandi designs

People apply Mehndi designs on their hands and feet in Ashad month in many places of India. Mainly in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka is is considered compulsory to have Mehndi designs on the palms of women. The main reason behind is to get rid of the effects of climate changes that may occur in this month (June […]

Vaishakha Masam 2017 in Telugu Calendar

Vaishakha masam or Vaishakh month is the second month in traditional Hindu Telugu calendar followed in Andhra Pradesh. In 2017, Vaishakha masam starts on April 27 and ends on May 25. The similar calendar is followed in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat. Vaisakha masam is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is also known as Madhava Masam in […]

Chaitra Maasam 2017 in Telugu Calendar

Chaitra month or Chaitra masam is the first month in Telugu calendar (Telugu Hindu Panchangam). In Telugu Panchangam for Andhra Pradesh, Chiatra masam 2017 starts on March 28 and ends on April 26. Chaitra month falls in March-April as per Gregorian calendar. Similar dates are applicable to Marathi, Gujarati, and Kannada Panchanga. In 2017, Chaitra masam […]

Phalguna Masam 2017, Falguna Month dates in Telugu Calendar

Phalguna masam or Falgun month is the 12th or last month as per traditional Telugu calendar. In 2017, Falguna Masam starts on February 27 and ends on March 28 as per Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati and Marathi calendars. Falguna masam is the period when Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra or Purva Falguni Nakshatram falls during Purnima or Full Moon day. […]

Magha Masam 2017 in Telugu Calendar

Magh masam or Magh month (January – February) is the most auspicious month for devotees of Lord Shiva. Magh month is the 11th Hindu month. In 2017, Magha masam starts on January 28 and ends on February 26 as per Telugu calendar. According to Gujarati, Marathi and Kannada calendars also Magha Month will begin on January […]

Eenadu Telugu Calendar 2017 PDF Download

Eenadu Telugu Calendar 2017 PDF Download, Telugu Calendar 2017 PDF by Eenadu Newspaper… The Eenadu calendar includes the date, thithi, Ekadasi, Sankashti Chaturthi, Purnima, Amavasya dates, Telugu festivals dates, etc. This Panchangam cum calendar is based on the Amavasyant Telugu Panchangam followed in Andhra Pradesh. Note: Hindupad does not reserve any rights om the ‘Eenadu […]