Rakshabandhan Mantra: Mantram to recite while tying Rakhi

Rakshabandhan mantra, the mantram or sloka, to recite while tying Rakhi is associated with the legend of King Bali and Goddess Laxmi about Raksha Bandhan. Sisters recite Rakshabandhan mantra while tying Rakhi on to brothers hands. Here is the mantra or stotra of Raksha Bandhanam. Raksha Bandhan 2017 date is August 7. “Yenabaddho Baleeraja Daanavendro […]

Lunar Eclipse August 2017 Sankalpa Mantras (Chandra Grahana Sankalpa Mantras, Pitru Tharpana Slokas)

Lunar Eclipse 7 August 2017 Sankalpa Mantras (Chandra Grahana Sankalpa Mantras, Pitru Tharpana Slokas). Pithru Tharpana Sankalpa Mantras, Thila Tharpana Anantara Vidhi – Samarpana Mantras, and the mantras to chant during ‘Daana’ for Chandra Grahana is also given here.. Here are the mantras, slokas or stotras for Chandra Grahanam of 7 August 2017: Pithru Tharpana Sankalpa Mantram.. Pithru Tharpana Sankalpa Mantram […]

Shani Mantra for Shani Dosha Nivarana (To please Lord Shani)

Lord Shani dev

This particular powerful mantra needs to be recited with dedication and devotion and with proper rituals. It is highly advised to get it done through an acharya ot pandit. Those who are facing difficulties in life in the personal and professional front can recite this particular Mantra. Shani Jayanti, Shani Amavasya, or any Saturday (Shanivar), […]

Dasha Paapa Hara Ganga Stuti

Dashapaapa Hara Ganga Stuti is a prayer dedicated to Goddess Ganga Devi (River Ganga). Chanting this Stotram gets out the devotee from his sins of last ten births and provides him the courage to face any challenge in his present birth. Dashapaapa Hara Ganga Dashami (Ganga Dussehra) is the most auspicious occasion to chant this […]

Harivarasanam Song Meaning & Translation

Every devotee of Lord Ayyappa is familiar with the harivarasanam song. Here we present you with the meaning of Harivarasanam song. This was composed by Sri Kambankkudy Kulathur Srinivasa Iyer. This song is played every night at Sabarimala before closing the temple. Harivarasanam Vishwamohanam Haridadhiswaram aaradhyapadhukam Arivimardhanam Nithyanarthanam Hariharathmajam Devamashraye Sharanam Ayyappa Swamy Sharanam Ayyappa […]

Efficacy of Sri Narayana Kavacham

Efficacy of Sri Narayana Kavacham – what is the efficacy of Sri Narayana Kavacham? Mantras-special chants in which are embedded the secrets of God’s real from are an effective medium of worship. Recited with sincerity and devotion, they help us to achieve perfect Communion with the Creator. They are also potent antidotes to nullify the […]

Chithirai Vishu Punyakaala Tharpana Mantras, 14 April 2017

Chithirai Vishu Punyakaala Tharpana Mantras for 14 April 2017.. Chaitra Ravi Vishu Punyakala in Manmatha year starts at midnight 1.29 hrs on 13 April 2017 (1.29 AM on 14 April 2017). 14 April 2017 – Chaithra ravi  vishu punya kala (the new year Hemalamba  starts at  1.29 AM) Hemalamba samvathsare ,Utharayane , vasantha  rithou, mesha     mase […]

Kushmanda Navdurga: Dhyana Mantra & Spiritual importance


Kushmanda Navdurga is the fourth aspect of Navadurga Goddesses worshipped during Durga Navratri pooja. In 2017, Maa Kushmanda pooja date is September 24 in Sharad Navratri and on March 31 in Vasant Navratri. Spiritual importance of Maa Kushmanda: Kushmanda Devi is worshipped on the fourth day of Navratra pooja. On this day, Yogis or other dedicated devotees […]

108 Sacred Names of Surya Deva in Brahma Purana

Brahma once recounted to the sages the one hundred and eight sacred names of Surya. The Brahma Purana lists these names and we reproduce them in nine groups of twelve names each. 1. Surya, Archana, Bhagavana, Tvashta, Pusha, Arka, Savita, Ravi, Gabhastimana, Aja, Kala, Mrityu. 2. Dhata, Prabhakara, Prithivi, Jala, Teja, Akasha, Vayu, Parayana, Soma, […]