Bengali Panjika 1421 PDF Download (Bengali Calendar 2014-2015)

Here you can download Bengali Panjika 1421 PDF (Bengali Calendar 2014-2015) for free. This Hindu year (2014-2015) is 1421 year in Bengali Panjika. This calendar contains Panjika from April-May 2014 to March-April 2015. This Bengali Panjika 1421 is presenting to you by Gupta Press Panjika. It contains the list of festivals in each month of Bengali […]

Shraban Month 2014 in Bengali calendar, Shravan Mash 2014 dates

Shraban Month or Shravan Mash is the fourth month in traditional Bengali calendar followed in West Bengal. In 2014, Shraban month starts on 18th July and ends on 17th August. Shraban Mash is very auspicious month as per Bengali Hindu beliefs. This is the year of 1421 in Bengali Panjika. Shivling Puja, Manasa Devi Ashtanag Puja, Nag Panchami […]

Aashar Month 2014 in Bengali calendar

Aashar month or Ashar mash is the third month in traditional Bengali calendar followed in West Bengal, some parts of Jharkhand, Assam, and Bangladesh. In 2014, Bengali Aashar month begins on 16th June and ends on 17th July. It is to note that 2014-2015 year is 1421 in Bengali solar calendar. Manasa Devi Puja, Kamakhya […]

Jeshto Month 2014 in Bengali Calendar, Jaishto Mash 2013 dates

Jeshto month, also spelt as Jaishto mash or Jaishtha month or Jyeshto maas or Jyaistha month, is the second month in traditional Hindu Bengali calendar followed in Bengal and Bangla regions. In 2014, Jeshto month in starts on May 16 and ends on June 15. Jeshto month represents Jyeshta month in other Hindu lunar calendars […]

Chaitra Month 2014 in Bengali Calendar

Chaitra month is the 12th and last month in Bengali calendar. In 2014, Bengali Chaitra month begins on March 16 and ends on 14 April. This is the final month in Bengali 1420 year. After this month Bengali 1421 year begins on Poila Baisakh (first day of Baisakh month). The major festivals during Bengali chaitra […]

Bhadra Month 2013 in Bengali Calendar

Bhadra Month or Bhadra Mash is the fifth month in traditional Bengali calendar followed in West Bengal, and some other places in Eastern India. In 2013, Bengali Bhadra Month starts on August 18 and ends on September 17. The year 2013-2014 is 1420 Bengali year. Bengali Bhadra Month coincides with Tamil month of Avani masam […]

Baisakh Mash 2014 in Bengali Calendar – Baishakh Month 2014

Baisakh Mash or Baishakh Month is the first month in Bengali calendar. Baishakh month 2014 starts on April 15 and ends on May 15. In 2014, it marks the beginning of Bengali Calendar 1421 in West Bengal and Bangladesh. The first day of the month is celebrated as Poila Boishakh or Bengali New Year Day […]

Ogrohayon Month 2010 – Bengali Month of Agrahan 2010

Ogrohayon month, also spelt as Agrahan maas, is the eighth month as per the traditional Bengali calendar. Ogrohayon or Agrahan month 2010 starts on 18th November and ends on 16th December 2010. This month falls during the star asterism of Mrigoshira. It coincides with the Margashirsh month in lunar calendars of India. Ekadashi dates in […]