Bhai Dooj 2013, Bhau Beej 2013 date

Bhai Dooj or Bhai Dhuj or Bhau Beej or Bhayya Dhooj is an Indian traditional festival that brings out the love and affection of brothers and sisters. In 2013, Bhai Dooj date is November 5. Bhai Dhooj is celebrated twice in a year.

The first one is celebrated after the festival of colors, Holi, and another and important one after Diwali. On Bhai Dhooj, sister applies Teeka / tika/ tilak and displays her love giving sweets and other eatables.

Brothers give gifts or presentations to their sisters. Bhai Dooj is also spelt as Bhai Duj / Bhai Dhuj/ BhaiDuj / BhaiDhuj.

Bhai Dooj 2012 date is November 15.

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