Bhagini Hastha Bhojanam 2016

Bhagini Hastha Bhojanam is the 5th and the final day of Deepavali celebrations in Andhra Pradesh. In 2016, Bhagini Hastha Bhojanam date is November 1.

It is also celebrated in Karnataka and some parts of Tamil Nadu. It falls on Yama Dwitiya, the second day after Diwali.

Bhagini means sister and Hasta bhojanam means to take meals cooked by sister. This day is celebrated as Bhai Dooj or Bhau Beej in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and other North Indian states, and as Bhai Phonta in Bengal and Assam and as Bhai Tika in Nepal.

Bhagini Hasta Bhojanam festival is intended for togetherness of the families – sisters’ and brothers’ families.

On this day, sisters offer meals with special recipes to brothers and in return brothers offer gold, clothes, and other material that are symbols of long-lasting sindhur. It is believed on this day; Lord Yama visits his sister Yamuna and eats meals at her abode.

Yama Puja is also an auspicious ritual to perform on Yama Dwitiya. Sodari Tritya is observed on the next day.

Daily Panchangam, Bhagini Hastha Bhojanam 2016 – November 1

Suryodayam (Sunrise) 06:35 Suryastamaya (Sunset) 17:44
Chandrodayam (Moonrise)07:38 Chandrastama (Moonset)19:08

Today’s Panchangam
Paksha (Fortnight) Krishna Paksha
Tithi (Lunar Day) Dwitiya – 28:11*
Nakshatra Vishakha – 15:01
Yoga Saubhagya – 23:47
Karana Kaulava – 28:11*

Today’s Panchang
Purnimanta Month Kaartika
Amavasyanta Month Kaartika
Shaka Samvatsara: Durmukhi
Vikram Samvat Varsha: Saumya
Rahu Kalam: 14:57 – 16:21
Gulika Kalam: 12:10 – 13:33
Yama Gandam: 09:23 – 10:46

Today’s Rashi
Ravi Rashi (Sun Sign) Tula
Chandra Rashi (Moon Sign) Tula – 08:16:11

Auspicious Time
Amrita Kalam 30:17* – 32:05*
Abhijit: 11:48 – 12:32

Time to Avoid
Varjyam Kalam 19:30 – 21:18
Durmuhurthams: 22:53 – 23:44

Today’s – Festivals / Vratam / Pooja / Jayanthi – Bhai Dooj, Yam Dwitiya, Bhatru Dwitiya, Bhagini Hastha Bhojanam.

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