Balapur Ganesh Laddu 2013 Price, Auction Rate in Bidding

Balapur Ganesh laddu 2013 will get a record price in auction which will be held by bidding at Balapur Ganesh Utsava Samithi, Hyderabad on 18 September 2013 prior to start the Shobha Yatra of Ganesh Nimajjanam.

In 2013, Balapur Ganesh Laddu has got whopping record price of 9.26 lakh rupees in auction. TKR Educational Institutes’ Chairman Teegala Krishna Reddy (Ex-Mayor of Hyderabad city from Telugu Desam Party) has got the laddu for this year with higher price ever.

Balapur Ganesh is known as Aadhi Ganapathi in Hyderabad and leads the Shobha Yatra of Ganapathi Nimajjanam.

In 2012, Balapur Ganesh laddu has got whopping record price of 7.50 lakh rupees in auction. Pannala Goverdhan Reddy has got the laddu with this higher price ever till then.

In 2011, Balapur Ganesh laddu has got 5.45 lakh rupees in auction and last year it was auctioned for 5.35 lakh rupees. Kolan brothers (Kolan Mohan Reddy & Kolan Lakshma Reddy) have got the laddu. (Read more about this)..

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