Baby Names on Lord Dattatreya with Meanings

Hindu Baby Names on Lord Dattatreya with meaning are given here. The list includes the baby boy names and baby girl names related to Lord Dattatreya.

Most of the Baby Names given here are taken from Sanskrit Scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, etc.

Sri Dattatreya Sahasranamam Stotram, Sri Dattatreya Ashtakam, Sri Dattatreya Astottaram, Sri Datta Charitra, etc prayers also have various names for Babies based on the meaning of Lord Sri Dattatreya.

Note: The names’ list given here are applied for Telugu names, Sanskrit names, Marathi names, Bengali names, Punjabi names, Tamil names, Malayalam names, Kannada names, Odisha names, Gujarati names, North Indian names, South Indian names, etc.

Hindu Baby Boy Names on Lord Dattatreya / Guru with Meaning

Dron (4, Boy): Meaning of Dron is Mahabharata Guru
Gurbachan (9, Boy): Meaning of Gurbachan is Promise Of The Guru
Gurcharan (9, Boy): Meaning of Gurcharan is Feet Of The Guru
Gurdayal (8, Boy): Meaning of Gurdayal is Compassionate Guru
Gurdeep (7, Boy): Meaning of Gurdeep is Lamp Of The Guru
Gurman (6, Boy): Meaning of Gurman is Heart Of Guru
Gurmeet (7, Boy): Meaning of Gurmeet is Friend Of The Guru
Gurmukh Gurnam (14, Boy): Meaning of Gurmukh Gurnam is Name Of The Guru
Gurpreet (8, Boy): Meaning of Gurpreet is The Loved One Of The Guru Or God
Gursharan (9, Boy): Meaning of Gursharan is Refuge At The Guru
Gurubachan (10, Boy): Meaning of Gurubachan is The Voice Of The Guru
Gurucharan (10, Boy): Meaning of Gurucharan is The Feet Of The Guru
Gurudas (7, Boy): Meaning of Gurudas is Servant Of The Guru
Gurudatt (8, Boy): Meaning of Gurudatt is Bestowed by a Guru
Gurudutt (8, Boy): Meaning of Gurudutt is Gift Of The Guru
Guruprasad (10, Boy): Meaning of Guruprasad is Guru's mercy
Gurusharan (10, Boy): Meaning of Gurusharan is Refuge At The Guru
Naanak (6, Boy): Meaning of Naanak is First Sikh Guru
Vashisht (8, Boy): Meaning of Vashisht is Name Of A Guru

Hindu Baby Girl Names on Lord Dattatreya / Guru with Meaning

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