Avani Masam 2014, Aavani Month in Tamil calendar

Avani masam or Aavani month is 5th month in traditional Tamil calendar followed in Tamil Nadu. In 2014, Avani Masam begins on August 17 and ends on September 16.

It is one of the auspicious months for Tamil people.  Simha Sankramanam or Sun’s transition to Leo zodiac marks the beginning of Avani masam. It is also known as Simha masam in Solar calendar.

Avani Avittam is one of the major festivals in the month Avani. Tamil Brahmins change their sacred thread (Yagnopaveetham or Gayathri) on Avittam nakshatram day in Aavani month. Sundays in Avani month are dedicated to reciting prayers ‘Avani Gnayiru’.

Aavani Masam corresponds with Shravana Month & Bhadrapada Month in Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, and Gujarati Amavasyanth calendars and Bhadrapada month in North Indian Hindi calendars. Aavani coincides with Chinga month in Kerala calendar and Bhadra Month in Bengali calendar.

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