Aslesha Nakshatram | Ashlesha birth star Astrology Predictions

Aslesha Nakshatra or Ashlesha nakshatram is the 9th among 27 birth star constellations in Hindu astrology. Aslesha nakshatra belongs to Karka rasi or Karkataka rashi or cancer zodiac. The natives born in this nakshatra will have a special quality of wisdom and supreme energy to attract others. If you are born in Aslesha Nakshatra, your horoscope indicates the following personality traits and characteristics.

You, Aslesha nakshatra natives, will spend a lot of your time in traveling and touring. You will never spare your enemies and will deal with them cruelly and mercilessly. With hard work and labor you will earn a lot of money and will spend a lot on various kinds of luxuries. You will be sexy and promiscuous by nature.

Physically you will be weak and thin. Ingratitude will be yet, another of your natures vices. You will not acknowledge anyones efforts for you.

You will take both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods. You will speak lies as per the need of the situation. You will do only a few virtuous deeds in your life.

You, Aslesha nakshatra natives, will not get a chance to study too much. At times out of frustration, you will speak out rude words. This will make you fall in others eyes. Though you will not be bad at heart, people will tend to misunderstand you.

You, Aslesha nakshatra natives, will not be very rich. All your brothers will help and support you. You will be courageous and violent. You will be influential and powerful. Your arrogance will annoy the people around you. Good clothes will be your. Some times you might have to suffer from mental tensions. Physically you will have average strength and health.

Since this child was born in Cancer zodiac, you will be slim and lean. You might have to suffer from some head injury. You will have the capability to handle all your problems beautifully. With the help of your hard work and labor, you will become wealthy and prosperous. Due to your nasty temper, you might have to suffer humiliation sometimes. Physically, you will be a weak person.

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  5. Ashok Kumar K says:

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  6. vinitha says:

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    what is your suggestion pl.

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  193. King says:

    Dnt believe in these things brothers and sisters , except god no one can predict our future, it depends on the deeds what we are doing .

  194. sunil kumar parida says:

    chances of getting a good government job in year2011

  195. Karthika says:

    I heard somewhere that who has dosham in Aslesha nakshatram needs to perform Aslesha bali pooja. What is Aslesha bali puja, how it is performed and where it is done. Is there any special temple to perform this aslesha bali puja.

    • Harish Kumar says:

      yes, You have to go to Kukke subramanya temple, near madikere, coorg. take a receipt from a temple counter and do the Ashlesha pooja, Important pooja for dhosa, you have to book day which is available in temple. visit http://www.kukke subramanya temple