Ashada Masam importance, Why Ashad month is inauspicious?

What is the importance or significance of Ashada masam? Why Ashad month considered inauspicious? This article gives brief details and information about Ashada masam. Ashada masam or Ashad month, also corresponds and coincides with Aadi Masam or Aadi month in Tamil calendar, is considered as inauspicious in Hindu Astrology.

Significance of Ashada Masam in Telugu

Dates of Ashada Masam 2017 in Telugu calendar

Ashada Maasa 2017 in Kannada calendar

Ashada Maas 2017 in Marathi Panchang

Ashad Maas 2017 in Gujarati Panchang

Ashada Mahina 2017 in North Indian Hindi calendar

Auspicious programs like Marriages, gruhapravesh, sacred thread wearing, beginning house constructions (Shankhu Sthapana), and many other important functions are postponed due to Ashada month. It is also known as Shunya masam (Null month).

In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, there is a rare ritual followed in Ashada masam that newly married daughter in law and her mother in law will not stay at one home. Newly married couple stay away from each other in Ashad month i.e., wife goes to her mother’s house for a month. After spending Ashada masam at her mother’s house, she comes back in Shravan month. Hindu Astrology has every reason to explain this rare ritual followed in Ashadh maas. Usually, Ashad month comes in June – July in Gregorian calendar. When a newly wedded couple got their sexual interaction in June, there is a chance of delivering baby in hot summer. New-born baby and mother may suffer a lot from the heat and temperature in summers. To avoid this, newly married couples are advised to be parted during this month.

People apply Mehndi designs on their hands and feet in Ashad month in many places of India. The main reason behind is to get rid of the effects of climate changes that may occur in this month (June – July).

Even though Ashada mahina is inauspicious for auspicious programs, it is very auspicious for pujas and vrata. Rath Yatra in Puri Jagannath temple and Palki Yatra in Pandharpur Vittala temple are celebrated in Ashad month. Chaturmas Vrat begins in this month. As per ‘Vaikhanasa Samhita’, devotees should worship Saptamatruka shakti Goddesses, Lord Bhairava, Varaha, Narasimha, Mahishasura Mardhini, Goddess Durga in Dakshinaya period which begins in Ashada Masa.

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  1. saroja v Gupta says:

    Can the couple stay in the same house in different rooms seperately.
    No alternative to go anywhere.
    Mother in law will also stay with them.
    No alternative for anyone.
    Please clarify.

  2. saroja v Gupta says:

    Can the couple stay seperately in the same house in different rooms without any connections.

    Mother in law can’t go to anywhere.

    Please clarify urgently.

  3. Mamta Kankariya says:

    Due to family prblm we have take possession to new house ,and there was no maharat till 14 january so due to these reasons we did grah puja in ashadh month ,, but my husband ,youngest daughter ,my self having little skin problm is all this of the puja did and grah pravesh ashadh month ,,,, if so ,,,,what to do next… we want to go to stay there,by diwali,,,,

  4. murali says:

    1)if i start my career job in the month of the june. may i face any problems..

    2)completed studying and in the month of the june i have joined in the company..and situation and atmosphere is not supporting me..what should i do..?

  5. A S Murthy says:

    Can any one clarify whether sisters invite brothers for lunch/dinner and offer him New clothes? Similarly brothers invite their sisters and so on.

  6. Manoj says:

    Yes you can plan but ypu have to suffer in summer season if you would conceive in ashada.

  7. Swetha says:

    I am married for more than 4years. but I don’t have kids . Can we plan for kids in this month.

  8. Lokesh says:

    July month we have sex husband wife there is any restrection

  9. sreeram says:

    Asadha masam = Rainy Season = June + July months = In ancient india, economy is dependent on agriculture. Sowing of seeds is to be done in this season when land is fertile and is wet with rain water i.e. men are supposed to be doing their field agricultural work. Doing upaneyam or marriage, means keeping himself away from agricultural work. If man does not sow seeds, then there is no harvest subsequently. So during the rain the human emotions get aroused, due to cool weather and man cannot go out during rain and likely to spend time with his new bride, which is undesirable. If the young men are with their new brides does not go to work, then it is a burden for the father-in-law who has to manage all the field work. Hence it is felt better if the bride goes to her native place and men do not get diverted and work in agricultural field and later during spring the bride can come back to have conjugal bliss. This asadha masam concept is applicable only for newly wed brides and that too for the first year only.

  10. Niketan says:

    why husband and wife should be far during ashada

  11. Tanuka says:

    bring son in law in maasam after marriage

  12. Ranganath says:

    sawan month daughter in law can meet mother in law

  13. Manjari says:

    Why wives are sent to mothers house in ashada

  14. Pururava says:

    why women go to parents during shravan month

  15. Vidya says:

    why wearing mehndi on the month of aadi

  16. Nibodh says:

    when is the ashad masam in 2013 for marathi madhwa

  17. Prahalad says:

    tamil ashada masam 2013 to get married soon poojas

  18. Aradhana says:

    why is wife sent to mothers home for ashada the 1st year after marriage

  19. Vaijayantimala says:

    what is significance of babys birth in ashada

  20. Sharda says:

    why newly weds does see face of inlaws in aashad

  21. Akriti says:

    why do married girls are not allowed to stay with husband in Ashada

  22. Devakumar says:

    wht wife and husband leave seprately in ashdam saeson

  23. Eklavya says:

    why marriages not take place in ashada mahina

  24. Jinisha says:

    why new wedded bride remains on her parents home in saawan

  25. Vandan says:

    why married women leave to their home in ashada masam

  26. Vihaan says:

    is couple intercourse is allowed in this sawan mahina

  27. Alisha says:

    it is ok if we intercourse while starting aashad maas

  28. Sanobar says:

    why is a bride sent home in ashada month

  29. Japendra says:

    ashada month hindu calendar and sending wife to parents house

  30. Gurmukh Gurnam says:

    is it good to buy bike in tamil month aadi

  31. Jaithra says:

    why married girls going to mom house in aadi month

  32. Vanamalin says:

    why daughter in law and mother in law cant stay together in ashadam

  33. Devesh says:

    why not to try for children in the month of aashad

  34. Sunandita says:

    when does ashaads masa will get over in Karnataka

  35. Sarojini says:

    women can conceive in shravan month according to astrology

  36. Pratima says:

    in sawan month marriage proposals must be avoided

  37. Tarita says:

    why married girls go to mothers house during aadi maasam

  38. Shaan says:

    what is the reason for aadi new marriage

  39. Trishulank says:

    why daugter in law go to mother house in ashada

  40. Deeptimoy says:

    why does newly married girl go during ashada

  41. Sabrang says:

    mother-in-law and daughter-in-law should not stay during aadi amavasai

  42. Dilawar says:

    in sawan woman should stay away from husband

  43. Shalin says:

    why mother in law and daughter in law should not stay together in aadi amavasai

  44. Vidhyadhar says:

    things to be taken for in laws after ashadam

  45. Rochi says:

    is it in auspicious to buy land in aadi month

  46. Vaijayi says:

    why newly married women goes to her home in saawan month

  47. Jograj says:

    sravaan month daughter in law at in laws house

  48. Rajika says:

    2013 which month is ashad related to tamil month

  49. Maharanth says:

    what is a good day for property registration during the month of aadi?

  50. Parmeet says:

    is saturday an inauspicious day to buy a car

  51. Neel says:

    why does girl come to her house on aadi

  52. Mitrajit says:

    why people keep mehandi in the month of aashadam

  53. Angaj says:

    ashada masam new bride and mother in law

  54. Vijval says:

    Kakkada Pathinettu Special in Coorg – Ashada Festival – Aati

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    Home shifting in savan is good or not indian astrology

  56. Tanuja says:

    why wife and husbands are not stay in the same home in the ashada masam in telugu peoples?

  57. Ishya says:

    do and don ts according to hinduism aadi maasam

  58. Bhuvanesh says:

    can we give mehendi to others in ashaada masam

  59. Kalapini says:

    is it good for baby to born in ashada masam?

  60. Ray says:

    is it auspicious to conceive during shravan maas

  61. Vimaladitya says:

    August 6th 2013 aushada aumavase special for new born

  62. Jinisha says:

    ashadam conceived women faced problems according to telugu

  63. Udyan says:

    can we start house construction in aadhi month

  64. Snigda says:

    why daughter in law and mother in law should not be in one house during first aashadha

  65. Lakshanya says:

    Moving to a new house in the month of Aadi for Tamil!

  66. Taraprashad says:

    why daughter in law stay away from home in the month of sawan?

  67. Mrigankamouli says:

    whether we can shift into a new house in ashad

  68. Vasistha says:

    why to keep mehndi in hand in ashadam

  69. Mohi says:

    can we do registration of a house already using in ashadamasa 2013

  70. Someshwar says:

    importance of sawan for mother in law and daughter in law

  71. Hemanti says:

    why do they keep mehndi in ashada masam

  72. Kindam says:

    what is the reason behind ashada month wife should not go to husbands home

  73. Naggar says:

    in tamil aadi month y new married couple get separate

  74. Mrinank says:

    aadi tamil month husband and wife stays away

  75. Aanjaneya says:

    why during aashada month married women stay away from hsbands

  76. Parees says:

    why married women go back home in the month of aadi

  77. Rachika says:

    why during first sawan the mother in law and daughter in law stay together?

  78. Sanchit says:

    why is girl not allowed to stay in husbands house during aashaada maasa

  79. Anushka says:

    why newly married couple visits aadi month to mothers house

  80. Kavni says:

    why brides are sent to their mothershome in marathi month ashadh

  81. Maandhata says:

    is it ok to buy used cars in ashadammasam

  82. Sakshi says:

    which date in ashada is good for new house

  83. Venu says:

    will ashada masam is good to visit temple or not

  84. Umachandra says:

    why dont we see marriage proposal during aadi maasam

  85. Aashish says:

    why do women go to their house in aadi

  86. Chitra says:

    is it good to buy bike in asshadam

  87. Abhyudaya says:

    what is the reason for separation of new couples in ashadam

  88. Parnashri says:

    according to astrology can we plan for child in aashadamaasam

  89. Raghav says:

    why do we put gorintaku in ashad amaasam

  90. Shreyank says:

    why wifes are send to their mothers home in ashadh mahina

  91. Mayukhi says:

    why husband and wife should stay away in aadi

  92. Vaalmeeki says:

    why aadi month married women goes to mother home

  93. Lopamudra says:

    why should we not change house in aadi month

  94. Madhumati says:

    wat hpns in ashadam wen mother in law n daughter in law stays in 1 house

  95. Vyan says:

    why do we keepgorintaku i in ashadam masam

  96. Prarthana says:

    when is the aashadam going to end in 2013

  97. Haadiya says:

    ashada masam is it good to join new couple to new home

  98. Atheeva says:

    why newly married couple wont stay together in ashadamasam

  99. Dayaswarup says:

    why we have to keep mehandi in aashadam

  100. Shankh says:

    which day is good for new home in ashada month

  101. Harini says:

    can we go mother in-laws place in ashada masam

  102. Kamakshi says:

    when does ashad month ends in south india

  103. Vinahast says:

    effects of shifting to new house in ashada masam

  104. Kapidhwaj says:

    why house not to be shifted in aadi month

  105. Pia says:

    why in ashadam son in law shouldnt go to inlaws house

  106. Raju says:

    is it fine to return girls in ashada to bridegroom house

  107. Dhanvant says:

    in ashada masam why daughter in law go to mother home

  108. Kanishk says:

    why do girls go to mothers house in aadi masam

  109. Geet says:

    aadi masam why wife are sent to their mothers home?

  110. Vasupati says:

    which is good day for shifting house after ashada 2013

  111. Sarveshvara says:

    y do we send new brieds to there home in ashadam

  112. Maya says:

    why do girls keep gorintaku in ashada masam

  113. Dharmadev says:

    what day is good day in ashadam to move into a new house

  114. Sahil says:

    aadi month why newly married couples where separate

  115. Siddhani says:

    y do they send new brides to there home ashadam

  116. Vipan says:

    marwari custom mother in law and newly married daughter in law not live accompany in the month of shravan month

  117. Ablaa says:

    can we open a business in the month of aadi

  118. Vansh says:

    registration of flats in ashada masam in bangalore

  119. Vedika says:

    why do we keep mehandi in ashada masam

  120. Saravana says:

    is ashada bad for husband and wife staying together

  121. Manuraj says:

    telugu people do they register property in aadi month

  122. Ishta says:

    why there are not allowed to join the new marriage couples in adi month

  123. Ankush says:

    can we register a property in ashada maasam

  124. Alop says:

    month aadi – husband wife can stay together?

  125. Indradatt says:

    why do girls put mehendi in aashada maasam

  126. Paridhi says:

    why should newly married stay away during aadi

  127. Gadhadhar says:

    telugu months and ill effects on married couple

  128. Saicharan says:

    according to hindu calendar when to ashad end in 2013

  129. Nandi says:

    husband & wife should stay away in asada masam

  130. Mihira says:

    bride n groom to be away in ashada?

  131. Pavanputra says:

    ashada masam 2013 is it good to start new home

  132. Vidhu says:

    how a wife and husband should live in ashada masam

  133. Suravinda says:

    what is the significance of aati or ashadha month

  134. Gorakh says:

    in adi month why are wives sent to their mothers home

  135. Kindam says:

    can wife come with baby in aashada maasam

  136. Rajdeep says:

    is it ok to shift house in ashad month

  137. Mahipal says:

    why do indian girl put mendhi in sawan

  138. Syamantak says:

    why according to telugu keep mehandi to hands in masam

  139. Rajanikant says:

    can shift in new house in sawan month

  140. Swetank says:

    why new couple should stay apart in ashada

  141. Mrinank says:

    why a girl shouldnt go to inlaws in ashad mas

  142. Suyash says:

    Can pregnant women go to mothers home in ashada month

  143. Nikki says:

    land registration is suitable in aadi month ?

  144. Mahamati says:

    can i see mother in law in ashada masam

  145. Bhasvan says:

    can we buy vehicle in ashada month as per astrology

  146. Triti says:

    why girls go back home in aadi masam

  147. Suraj says:

    why do girls go to their parental home in ashada masam

  148. Swarup says:

    Y in ashada maasa mil and daughter in law cant stay in one home

  149. Raakhi says:

    is it wise to buy gold in ashad month

  150. Niketan says:

    can we move to new house in ashadam

  151. Tanisi says:

    ashada masam in 2013 start and end date

  152. Siddhani says:

    can we buy a new bike in aashada masam?

  153. Avinashi says:

    why in-laws should not meet in ashadha maasam

  154. Rajendra says:

    why husband and wife stay away in the month of aadi

  155. Sarama says:

    what is the reason behind ashada masam for a newly married girl to return to her mothers house

  156. Param says:

    when does aashada masam start this year 2013

  157. Triguni says:

    after becoming pregnant before ashada masam can wife and husband can stay together

  158. Nishar says:

    is ashadam masam okay to move into a house

  159. Ansh says:

    aashaad month of hindu calendar for married couple

  160. Pratyaksha says:

    why aadi masam is in auscipious for indians

  161. Ainesh says:

    Why not to stay with mother in law in sawan

  162. Sourish says:

    why ashad mahina not to see husbands face

  163. Shubhranshu says:

    steps to be taken in ashada masam for married couple

  164. Sanemi says:

    aadi masam / ashada / ashadam month & marriage – confusions

  165. Kautik says:

    is it auspicious to conceive during aadi month

  166. Gaurishankar says:

    why must separate newly married couple on aadi maasam

  167. Bhagirathi says:

    What do u call in english for ashada masam

  168. Variya says:

    why gals will be seperated during aadi month

  169. Ekaant says:

    can son in law and mother in law stay at same house in ashadam

  170. Vinochan says:

    why newly married couple should stay away during aadi masam

  171. Ratnamala says:

    can i get pregnant during ashada masam as per hindu religion

  172. Virendri says:

    why bride has to go to mothers place during the month of ashadam

  173. Manali says:

    why daughter in law should not come to husband home in ashada masam

  174. Balgopal says:

    whether in adi month can we do house registration

  175. Dharmaketu says:

    why do people apply mehandi in ashada masam

  176. Dhanya says:

    ashada masa importance on first year of marriage

  177. Pranav says:

    according to telugu horoscope is there any problem if a girl pregnant in ashadamasam

  178. Harigopal says:

    why newly married couples will be separate in Ashada masam

  179. Rwiju says:

    is it safe to got pregnancy in ashadam

  180. Mandakranta says:

    can we buy new bike in aadi masam

  181. Kripal says:

    why we should not purchase New bike during ashada

  182. Sajala says:

    why newly married bride are not allowed to visit her husbands home during saawan month

  183. Saipratap says:

    ashada month is not good for getting pregnant

  184. Revati says:

    not good to move to new home in aashadamasam

  185. Amrik says:

    things to be followed in the month of ashada

  186. Anjor says:

    what will happen if we become pregnant in aashadam season

  187. Shilish says:

    can we bring new bike during ashada season

  188. Hima says:

    why is it considered that ashada masam bad

  189. Shruti says:

    can we have registration during tamil month aadi?

  190. Samvidha says:

    does ashada masam is good for having babies

  191. Jayalalita says:

    why do girls put mehndi on hands in ashadam

  192. Hayagriv says:

    can i do house registration in aadi month

  193. Vikramin says:

    things to be done in ashada masam by girls

  194. Omisha says:

    ashada why are couples not let to live together

  195. Gaurinath says:

    why new couple cannot be together in aadi maasam

  196. Sudhendra says:

    why should husband and wife separate in adi month

  197. Vijay says:

    what is the significance of separating newly weds for aadi month

  198. Eha says:

    why we should not buy gold during ashadam

  199. Anubhuti says:

    why doughter in law stay away in ashada month

  200. Vikas says:

    why during ashada wives are not supposed to stay with husbands

  201. Pranvuta says:

    about sawan month and married women going home

  202. Yashodhara says:

    what happens if son in law goes mother in law house in ashadam

  203. Anuragini says:

    can we do griha pravesh during aadi masam

  204. Sameera says:

    why wife and husband not seeing in ashadamasam

  205. Kartar says:

    what happens if lady gets pregnant in ashada

  206. Shankhamala says:

    can husband and wife stay together during aashadamaasam

  207. Vishwamitra says:

    when do girls go for aashad in july

  208. Paranjoy says:

    does a girl go to her parents house during shraavan maas

  209. Vedi says:

    why wife & husband should not try for children during ashada

  210. Niket says:

    ashad month for husbad and wife and in laws

  211. Shrijani says:

    which months are prohibeted to move in to new house indian

  212. Kadambari says:

    Is it bad to buy new things in aashada month

  213. Udant says:

    why bride groom go for her home during ashada

  214. Devina says:

    y does married girl go to her parents house in first ashadam

  215. Aniij says:

    importance of mehandhi in ashasda masam matter in telugu

  216. Sarbajit says:

    why in ashada masam newly married girl should not come to aunty home

  217. Sunjeev says:

    why in ashada masa mother in law and daughter in law should not be together

  218. Aagneya says:

    dos and donts in ashada masam 2013 telugu calendar

  219. Daman says:

    in ashada masam why girls not allowed to stay with in-laws

  220. Manishika says:

    why wife should stay away from husband in ashada masam

  221. Suhasini says:

    mother in law and daughter in law in ashadh

  222. Sudhir says:

    why the bride and groom should be separated in the tamil month aadi?

  223. Chandrashekhar says:

    why bride has go to mom home in ashadam

  224. Sani says:

    why daughter in law and mother in law should not stay in same house in ashada month

  225. Motilal says:

    explain telugu belief that why newely married couple should not be together in the month of Aashada

  226. Pracheta says:

    rituals followed during ashada masam by married woman

  227. Tapas says:

    can a pregnant women travel from husbands home during aadi month

  228. Mythily says:

    why nothing should be done in ashada masam

  229. Tanuka says:

    why should mother in law and daughter in law not stay in the same house during aashadamasam

  230. Bhargavi says:

    do wives dont see face of husband in ashadh ?

  231. Jyotirdhar says:

    why new daughter in law wont stay in mother in laws house in aashadamasam

  232. Purandar says:

    is it not good to conceive in ashadamasam

  233. Saptanshu says:

    why in the month of ashada newly married girl goes to her moms place

  234. Vyomdev says:

    can you move into a new house in ashada month

  235. Bela says:

    why does a girl go back to her mothers place during ashada masa

  236. Prajapati says:

    why new bride cannot see his husbands face in aashad

  237. Jaladhija says:

    why in ashada month mother in law and daughter in law should not stay together

  238. Varadaraaj says:

    why girls after marriage should go to moms home in ashadham month

  239. Anupriya says:

    Why the newly wifes goes to their Moms houses In Ashada Scene

  240. Rohiniraman says:

    in ashada month ritual of not seeing husband by wife

  241. Darpana says:

    what happens if we shift house during ashada

  242. Damini says:

    myth not to concive in the month of ashadam

  243. Karnapriya says:

    son in law and mother in law in ashadam

  244. Siddhiksha says:

    why wife and husband not to try for children in ashada masam

  245. Surasti says:

    why aunt and daguhter in law should not stay together in ashada masam

  246. Shalmali says:

    can u change ur house in ashada masam

  247. Mehak says:

    is ashada masam inauspicious for booking a home

  248. Jaivardhan says:

    what happens if a bride doesnt go to her mother in ashadam

  249. Yoshita says:

    is asadh month in hindu calendar auspicious to start house construction

  250. Dwijesh says:

    ashada masa how it affects the child birth

  251. Sarup says:

    can land registration be done during aadi month

  252. Shreeparna says:

    why should we keep distance in ashada for new couple

  253. Aadarshini says:

    can we change our house in ashada masa

  254. Udyan says:

    why in hindu in aashad month wife not saw husband

  255. Harishchandra says:

    in ashad month whose face is not see

  256. Supriti says:

    why newly wedded bride come to her home in shraavana

  257. Samrat says:

    on the start of ashad month no seeing mother in laws face

  258. Girivar says:

    why do newly married women goes to her home during ashada

  259. Gandhi says:

    why do womens go to their mothers place during ashad month

  260. Nirguna says:

    is it auspicious to go for registration in ashada in karnataka

  261. Sucheta says:

    why do hindu females visit home in the month of ashad

  262. Tijil says:

    Kannada ashada why newly weds bride has to

  263. Jina says:

    why not to see face of husband in the of ashad

  264. Manideepa says:

    why new married couple not see their faces in ashad month

  265. Obalesh says:

    ashadha reason why to send wife to her maikekehouse

  266. Arwa says:

    why women go to mothers place during aadi month

  267. Sudhish says:

    in ashad month husbands face should not be seen

  268. Sibani says:

    is it auspicious to purchase to buy gold on aashada

  269. Svarpati says:

    Should daughter in law go to her moms place in ashada

  270. Shankhin says:

    what will get if we get pregnency in ashadamasam

  271. Kaishori says:

    what is the impact of aashadam on new couple

  272. Kaalanjari says:

    can mother in law and daughter in law meet in ashadam

  273. Sambuddha says:

    bride not seen face of husbund in ashadh

  274. Anu says:

    why mother in laws and daughter in laws not meet in ashada masam

  275. Suraj says:

    ashadam can mother in law and daughter in law see each other

  276. Jayaprada says:

    should we not try to get conceive during ashada month

  277. Vidojas says:

    why does wife go to her parents house during aashada

  278. Gadadhar says:

    during ashada can husband go to wife home

  279. Sundha says:

    wife and husband cant stay together in aashada maasam

  280. Chandrapushpa says:

    why do girls should not stay with mother in law in ashadam

  281. Aashish says:

    why is ashada masam bad for getting pregnant

  282. Teerthankar says:

    ashada wife should not stay with mother in law

  283. Devakeenandan says:

    in ashadh month you cannot see husbands face

  284. Nishar says:

    ashadam mother in law and daughter in law

  285. Shataayu says:

    my wife went to her home for ashada masam i am feeling bored

  286. Tilika says:

    in ashada month married women not seen her husband face

  287. Yadunath says:

    reasons behind not staying at in-laws home during ashada masam

  288. Mahadevi says:

    why not to see husbands face in ashad

  289. Vinod says:

    why greh parvesh is not done in ashad month

  290. Sapan says:

    marathi month ashad 5 days to go to mothers place for a bride

  291. Kapilashwar says:

    ashadmasa for newly wedded can they be together

  292. Satinath says:

    when is ashada month in 2014 when you cannot get married

  293. Satyasheel says:

    is it unauspicious of buying wedding clothes during aadi month

  294. Sarojini says:

    good day to bring bride from grooms house july 2013 in ashada masa

  295. Parinita says:

    at what time to bring the newly wedded bride for ashada ammavasai

  296. Annisa says:

    is savan an auspicious month to conceive according to indian astrology

  297. Avalok says:

    ashadamasam father in law son in law should not be meet

  298. Siyona says:

    why a married girl go at her home in ashadh month

  299. Satviki says:

    aashada maasa mother in law and daughter in law not living together

  300. Paandurang says:

    ashada masam rule father in law and son in law not stay

  301. Shankhamala says:

    during ashada why mother in law and daughter in law should not be in same house

  302. Obalesh says:

    Ashada maasa for girls stay away from husband

  303. Satin says:

    ashad inauspicious time to buy property in 2013y

  304. Aadinath says:

    ashada amavasya 2013 dont u watch husbands face

  305. Rudrakali says:

    why newly married girl come at mother home at ashad month

  306. Swapnasundari says:

    speciality of ashada masam for newly married couples

  307. Vibhas says:

    ashada masam is good to buy a vehicle

  308. Akaram says:

    ashad month it is good for the wife to stay with husband in the ashad month?

  309. Pia says:

    is it good to purchase vehicles in aashad

  310. Priyasha says:

    why are newly wed couple not allowed to consumate marriage during ashada masa

  311. Samriddhi says:

    can we have gruha pravesh during ashada masam

  312. Virendri says:

    why in ashad not to see father in law

  313. Abhiri says:

    ashada month husband and wife should not stay together

  314. Heramba says:

    why do newly married couple cannot see each other in ashada month of marathi

  315. Vandan says:

    whether newly wedded wife has to stay with her in-laws in aashaad month

  316. Gulab says:

    why married couple will maintain distance in ashada

  317. Sukhesh says:

    aashadam telugu traditions can son-in-law and father-in-law stay together?

  318. Shuk says:

    should bride go to mothers house in aashada masam

  319. Aniya says:

    why we should not shift to a new house on ashada

  320. Lalitesh says:

    why does newly wed couples are not allowed to stay together in ashadamasam

  321. Shataaneek says:

    y should mother in law and son in law stay away in ashadam

  322. Toya says:

    ashaad sending daughter in law to her parents home

  323. Sumedha says:

    why according telugu hindu customs new bride stays in her parental house in ashadam

  324. Jignasa says:

    why ashada masam bride should not stay with husband

  325. Shyla says:

    why should not see the face of husband in ashadh month

  326. Vaijayantimala says:

    whether to registration takes place in ashada masam

  327. Naveena says:

    ashadh mahina newly married bride not suppose to see her husband face

  328. Bhupesh says:

    the beginning of the month of ashad in karnataka 2013

  329. Anugraha says:

    baby born during aashada maasa will it have ill effects

  330. Jasraj says:

    is it good to conceive in aashada masam

  331. Ghanshyam says:

    why couples shouldnt live together in ashada masam

  332. Sansita says:

    ashadam behin date end date 2013 end dates

  333. Sameep says:

    is ashada is bad for husband and wife

  334. Tridiva says:

    why to apply mehendi on hand in aashadam

  335. Chashmum says:

    when does ashada start and end in 2013

  336. Anumita says:

    what should not be done during ashada month

  337. Sarvajina says:

    moving to a new house in gcc ashada month astrology

  338. Hrithik says:

    in ashada y the girl has to leave her husband and stay at her place

  339. Abhijita says:

    when does aashada maasam start for srivaishnavas in 2013

  340. Kaushalya says:

    why should girls go to mothers house in aashada masha

  341. Devpad says:

    what do we call ashada masa in Malayalam

  342. Raktambar says:

    can newly wed travel from parents home to in laws home in saawan month

  343. Neel says:

    why bride shouldnot stay in mother in-law house in asada masam

  344. Jwala says:

    why the newly weds are separated in ashadam

  345. Ojal says:

    what will happen when griha pravesh is done in ashadh

  346. Sahara says:

    y they send daughter in law to mother home in ashada massam

  347. Tamali says:

    when is ashada masam starts and ends in 2013

  348. Akula says:

    ashada masha and child birth as per astrology

  349. Nabhya says:

    why new couples stay away in ashada masam

  350. Tarani says:

    the hindu bride go to their homes in shravan month

  351. Kaustubhi says:

    what happen if i will marry in ashada month?

  352. Kunshi says:

    ashdamasam why bridegrrom should not stay with her mother in law

  353. Parveen says:

    when ashada masam starts and ends in 2013

  354. Naveena says:

    why should not mother in law and daughter in law stay together in aashada

  355. Kailash says:

    why should not daughterin law and mother in law should not live together inashaada month

  356. Marut says:

    when will sawan month starts in 2013 in new zealand

  357. Shailendra says:

    custom of sending daughter in law during aashada

  358. Brijmohan says:

    www aashada masam why couples not be together

  359. Viplav says:

    is it not good to do home registration during ashad masam

  360. Sargam says:

    ashada month start and end in 2013 for tamilians

  361. Shivkumar says:

    can we join new job in ashada masa

  362. Haresh says:

    why should in ashada masam mother in law and daughter in law should not be in same house

  363. Rachna says:

    aashadh married girl goes to her mothers place

  364. Chashmum says:

    why a married goes to maiden house in the month of ashad

  365. Kaasni says:

    kannada language ashada masa which data from strat

  366. Nagpal says:

    wat to b offered to son in law in ashadamasam according to telugu hindu tradition

  367. Nimish says:

    ashad month and sending the new bride home ritual

  368. Kanta says:

    www hindi info on aashad and sawan month

  369. Nandi says:

    why wife and husband be distant during ashada masam

  370. Anshuk says:

    is there a scientific reason why people apply mehandi in aashadam month

  371. Iraj says:

    From which date 2013 telugu month ashadam starts?

  372. Vagindra says:

    ashada masam in 2013 start and end dates according to kannada calendar

  373. Kaveri says:

    when is the ashada masam in 2013 in karnataka

  374. Urmi says:

    tamil month aadi inauspicious or auspicious to move into new home

  375. Nartan says:

    why married women should not stay at in laws home in aashada

  376. Uttam says:

    can one buy a new vehicle in the month of aashada

  377. Suhina says:

    can daughter in law and mother in law stay in same house during ashadam maasam

  378. Dheer says:

    why should not we shift houses in ashada maasam?

  379. Susan says:

    ashada month is better to buy a bike

  380. Brajamohan says:

    Ashadam new wedd brides shall go to ther home

  381. Ruchita says:

    why in ashadamasam girl and attaya should not be together

  382. nagesh says:

    Can we register property on guru purnima ashada masam