Akshay Tritiya dos and donts – Recommended and avoidable works during Akshaya Tritiya

If you have doubt about which work has to be done and which has to be avoided on Akshay Tritiya or Dos and Donts of Akshay Tritiya, then here is a list mentioned about the above. As the rituals, customs and traditions during Akshay Tritiya include Lord Vishnu Puja, observance of fast and charity of food and other edible material, the festival also has some unique traditions to follow.

Preferred Works on Akshay Tritiya (DOs of Akshaya Tritiya):

  • Akshay Tritiya is considered as Yugadi Thithi as Tretha Yuga was started on this day. Yugadi day would be most auspicious for Hindus. It will be fruitful for devotees to perform sacred deeds such as penance, recitation of Holy Scriptures, ritual bath (Punya Snaan) in holy rivers like Ganga, Godavari, Krishna, Tungabhadra, Cauvery etc.. People perform religious sacrifices (Yagna and homa) on Akshay Tritiya.
  • People purchase gold and home appliances.
  • Starting new ventures, businesses, offices, is considered auspicious on Akshay Tritiya.

Works to Prohibit or Avoid on Akshay Tritiya(DONT s of Akshaya Tritiya):

  • Some works should be prohibited or avoided on Akshay Tritiya according to Hindu traditions. Some people believe that conducting or initiating of Upanayana (wearing sacred thread), marriage and house construction on Akshay Tritiya may harm their aspirations and happiness.
  • In some regions, traveling is also considered as avoidable work.

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  3. Yes purchasing any valuable things like gold, vehicles, homes is auspicious on Akshaya tritiya. It also depends on personal astrology and horoscope of a person.

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