Aksharabhyasam Lagnams (Auspicious Ascendants for Vidhyarambham)

The list of Auspicious Lagnams (Ascendants) for Aksharabhyasam Muhurtham (Shubha vidhyarambham muhurta) in Hindu calendar as per the Astrology (Jyotishya Shastra) is given here..

Auspicious Lagnams for Aksharabhyasam (Ascendants)

Mesha Lagnam (Aries Ascendant)

Mithuna Lagnam (Gemini Ascendant)

Karkataka Lagnam (Cancer Ascendant)

Kanya Lagnam (Virgo Ascendant)

Tula Lagnam (Libra Ascendant)

Dhanu Lagnam (Sagittarius Ascendant)

Makara Lagnam (Capricorn Ascendant)

Meena Lagnam (Pisces Ascendant)

The above Lagnams are considered auspicious for Aksharabhyasam but when these days coincide with suitable Nakshatra, Tithi and day, etc,. then auspicious muhurta for Aksharabhyasam is formed.

Aksharabhyasam, Vidyarambham or Akshara Sweekaram (Akshara Srikaram, Ezhuthiniruthu), is a Hindu rituals observed for initiating children into education and the world of alphabets.

Basar Gnana Saraswati Temple and Vargal Vidya Saraswati Temple in Andhra Pradesh, Kollur Mookambika Temple and Sringeri Sharada Temple in Karnataka, Kottayam Saraswati Temple in Kerala & Kuthanur Saraswati Ambal Temple in Tamil Nadu are the most popular venues for Aksharabhyasam ritual in South India.

Please consult any jyotish or Brahmin before proceeding further and correct us if you find any mistakes in this information about Aksharabhyasam Lagnams.

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  1. Nagaraju says:

    My son born on 10th May 2014, 10:02AM in Hyderabad.
    Please suggest good dates for Aksharabhyasam in this 2016-17 year.

  2. Hetal says:

    Is 03/09/2016 gud for Aksharabhyasam

  3. aadi aruna says:

    my son born on jan 23 2014 at 11.30p.m
    tula rashi
    kanukuntla Hanvith
    pls suggest gud date for aksharabhyasam in september 2016


    my daughter name shamitha and her date of birth is 14.11.2013 please suggest good muhurtham for aksharabhyasam