Aksharabhyasam 2016-2017 Muhurthams, Auspicious days for Vidyarambham, Best dates for Akshara Sweekaram

Aksharabhyasam 2016-2017 Muhurthams, Auspicious days for Vidyarambham 2016-2017, Best dates for Akshara Sweekaram 2016-2017..

Aksharabhyasam, Vidyarambham or Akshara Sweekaram (Akshara Srikaram, Ezhuthiniruthu), is a Hindu rituals observed for initiating children into education and the world of alphabets.

‘Om Hari Sri Ganapathaye Namah’ is the vidyarambham mantra written on sand or on rice and the child writes the mantra again and again for five times. The Brahmin writes the mantra on childs tongue with small gold stick.

Writing on grains or on rice represents the progressive learning ability of the child. Writing on sand indicates the hard work and efficiency of the child. Writing the mantra on tongue represents the blessings of Goddess of learning, Goddess Saraswati. By the mercy and the blessings of Goddess Saraswati Devi provide us the wealth and prosperity, hence the letters or the mantras are written on tongue with gold.

Basar Gnana Saraswati Temple and Vargal Vidya Saraswati Temple in Andhra Pradesh, Kollur Mookambika Temple and Srungeri Sharada Temple in Karnataka, Kottayam Saraswati Temple in Kerala & Kuthanur Saraswati Ambal Temple in Tamil Nadu are the most popular venues for Aksharabhyasam ritual in South India.

As every auspicious work need to be started during good time or muhurat, Aksharabhyasam also need good and auspicious time to perform. Vasanta Panchami Saraswati Puja, Ugadi (Gudi Padwa, Chaitra Pratipada), Shravan Purnima, Vijaya Dashami, etc. are the best muhurtams for this Hindu ritual for children.

Here are some good muhurthams for Vidyarambham or Aksharabhyasam in 2016-17..

Auspicious days for Akshara Abhyasam in January 2016

1 January 2016, Friday – Saptami, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, Makara Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7.39 AM to 9.31 AM

2 January 2016, Saturday – Ashtami, Hasta Nakshatra, Makara Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7.35 AM to 9.27 AM

3 January 2016, Sunday – Navami, Chitra Nakshatra, Karkataka Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7.31 AM to 9.23 AM

4 January 2016, Monday – Dasami, Swati Nakshatra, Makara Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7.27 AM to 9.19 AM

Auspicious days for Akshara Abhyasam in February 2016

Vasanta Panchami Saraswati Puja – 12 February 2016

22 February 2016, Monday – Purnima, Magha Nakshatra, Meena Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7.42 AM to 9.16 AM

25 February 2016, Thursday – Tritiya, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, Meena Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7.30 AM to 9.04 AM

26 February 2016, Friday – Chaturthi, Hasta Nakshatra, Meena Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7.26 AM to 9.00 AM

Auspicious days for Akshara Abhyasam in March 2016

3 March 2016, Thursday – Navami, Moola Nakshatra, Meena Lagna. Auspicious Time = 7.02 AM to 8.36 AM

18 March 2016, Friday – Ekadashi, Pushyami Nakshatra, Mithuna Lagna. Auspicious Time = 11.23 AM to 1.35 PM

21 March 2016, Monday – Trayodashi, Magha Nakshatra, Mithuna Lagna. Auspicious Time = 11.11 AM to 1.23 PM

23 March 2016, Wednesday – Purnima, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, Mithuna Lagna. Auspicious Time = 11.03 AM to 1.15 PM

24 March 2016, Thursday – Pratipada, Hasta Nakshatra, Mithuna Lagna. Auspicious Time = 10.59 AM to 1.11 PM

25 March 2016, Friday – Dwitiya, Chitra Nakshatra, Mithuna Lagna. Auspicious Time = 10.55 AM to 1.07 PM

26 March 2016, Saturday – Tritiya, Swati Nakshatra, Mithuna Lagna. Auspicious Time = 10.51 AM to 1.03 PM

28 March 2016, Monday – Panchami, Anuradha Nakshatra, Tula Lagna. Auspicious Time = 10.43 AM to 12.55 PM

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  1. mohan says:

    Hi sir iam going to do akshaarbhyasam of my son. on the month of february 2016 please suggest which is the good for him his name is yeswanth DoB is june 2013 time is 1600 hours correct time. Ple Reply sir

  2. R Murali Krishna says:

    Hir sir, I’m want to perform my daughter’s (Sri Sai Swetha-DOB:29.10.2013 @ 5 AM) akshaarabhyasam in Basara Gnana saraswati temple, in Feb-2016. Pls suggest auspicious date & time .

  3. Ch.sureshkumar says:

    Hi,sir I am going to do akshaarabhyaasam of my son on the month of february2016.please suggest which is the good for him.his name is danish.DoB is may 23 rd 2013. Time is not correctly known

  4. Mahesh says:

    My son name is vaibhav dob is 16-12-2013 rohini nakshatram pl inform best date in march for aksharabyasam

  5. Venkatesh says:

    Hi, My name is chetan and his DOB is 9 th January 2014 timings 12:45 pm pl suggest good time for the akshrabyasam date and time

    Thanks you sir

  6. Umeshkumar golla says:

    Sir I am going to do akshrarabhyasam of my son on 4th or 5th feb 2016 his name-sohan karthikeya DOB 19.09.2013 at 6.30am.
    please suggest which is the best day to do akshrabhyasam.

  7. Krishna says:

    Hi My son name is Thaman Karthikeyan and his DOB is 10th Jun 2014 timings 944 am please suggets good time for the aksharabyasam

  8. Anu Kypa says:

    My son name is samvith saai raddy.his birth date is 18-11-2012.please suggest best muhurtham in January.

  9. Keerthanadivija says:

    Sir/madam my daughter dob is 6th of September 2013 how is the day is good for her aksharabhyasam and we want to performing at sringeri pls tell me in 2016 year

  10. kotesh says:

    Hello Sir my nephew date of birth is 29-04-2013.time 9:10am,place of birth :mylavaram,andhrapradesh.please suggest aksharabhyasam date and time.
    Thanking you sir

  11. Udayarani says:

    sir Gd aftnoon my daughter name is Sandhithya DOB 28th October, 2013 timing 10.55AM, please suggest aksharabhyasam date andd time

  12. Sowmya says:

    Hi my daughter name is bhavishya dob 17th august,2013 timing 2.20pm,plz suggest aksharabhysam date and time

  13. sravanthi says:

    My daughter name is Bhavishya, DOB: 07th June, 2013, Timing: 10.55 AM
    Please suggest the date for Aksharaabyasam in December 2015

  14. Priyanka Rao says:

    Hi my son name is shashank
    DOB 7-8-2012time 10:04 birth of place is nizamabad .plz suggest aksharabhayasam date in December2015

  15. Chethana says:

    Hello sir,
    My son’s name is Lohith,date of birth 23/9/2013, time of birth 4.22 PM, Pleace of birth Secunderabad. Please let me know tge auspicious day for his aksharabyasam.


  16. venkaiah says:

    my son name is aayansh venkata shiva vinayak.date of birth 21-01-2013 .pls akshrabhyasa muhurtham

  17. Chethana says:

    Hello sir, My son’s name is Lohith date of birth: 23/9/2013 time: 4.22 pm. Place of birth Secunderabad. Please let me know the auspicious day for his aksharabyasam..TIA

  18. Sriram laxmi says:

    My son name is shivansh please let me know good date for aksharabhayasam
    Date of birth : 26th March 2014

  19. Reetu says:

    My son name is Poornesh and his date of birth is 26 Dec 2013. Please suggest me a good day of Aksharabhyasam in Dec 2015.

  20. basavaraj says:

    I want to do akshrabhyasam for my son sri arush Dob is 17.08.2013 time is 2.17pm. Please suggest some date’s.

  21. Sathvik vinay says:

    Please inform me auspicious date on January 2016.

  22. varalakshmi says:

    I want to do aksharabhyasam for my son Sri Ganesh DOB is 07.04.2002 time is 12.53 afternoon. Already did and studying well. Can I once again do as I did on that day hurrily so that my son will get good interest. Please suggest some dates.

  23. Divya V N says:

    My daughter dob is 23/01/2014 and time is 4.11pm, plz suggest a date for aksharabysam in the year 2016.

  24. hi sir, my son DOB 06.06.2013 11:48am birth of place is Guntakal.plz suggest the aksharabhyasam dates in November 2015. says:

    hi sir, my son DOB 06.06.2013 11:48am birth of place is Guntakal.plz suggest the aksharabhyasam in november 2015

  25. raghuveer says:


  26. k.sai says:

    my daughter name is charishma.dob is 25.08 2013.ashwini nakshatra.can u plz tel me the auspecious aksharabhyasam date for her according to her jatakam.

  27. madhavi says:

    my son DOB 2/08/2013 time 12:15 pm,pleas tell me akshyarabyasam in October month 2015

  28. jeevana durga says:

    NAMASKARAM sir, My son name is sri naga kanaka eshwara abi rama vardhan date of birth is August 27 2013 time 10:15 pm.pls suggest us best data for aksharabhayasam.

  29. HI My sun name is kusu keerthan and DOB 30-08-2013 time 07:48pm birth of place is khammam.plz suggest the aksharabhyasam dates in october 2015.

  30. Ramakrishna says:

    My grand daughter name Meghanakamya Kamya date of birth is september5th 2013 time 6-26pm. Pl suggest us best date&itinerary for aksharabhyasam.


  31. T M Ashokan says:

    My daughter name is T A Yaashika date of birth 16th Aug 2013. pls tel me the best day for aksharabyasam to her. On Saraswathi Pooja (October 2015) should be the best day ???? and I live in chennai, Where will be perform this is best????? Kindly guide me. Ashokan



    DATE OF BIRTH : 17.06.2013
    BIRTH TIME : 10.10 PM

  33. Ravi Kumar says:

    Hi my daughter's name is suyasha and DOB 15-10-2013 and birth place is Bangalore. Suggest me the aksharabhyasam date. If possible suggest me in end of Oct 2015.

  34. Mss prasad says:

    Hai my son name is Samrudh ..D.o.B is 25-10-2012(Thursday)..Place of birth is Tenali near Vijayawada.Can you able to tell me the best time for aksharabhyasam in october 2015
    Star Shathabisha
    Time 12:49 pm

  35. Maheedhar says:

    Hi All, its waste of posting here.. no one will reply on the dates and concerns. Better go for other alternate way to find out.


  36. My daughter name Nitysreee tell me date for aksharabhyasam
    Dob 21-06-2013
    Time 10.50AM
    Week Friday



  38. Hema latha says:

    My baby birth date 12-6-2013 now we have to do aksharabhayasam when it was possible

  39. sunil says:

    My Daughter DOB is 09.12.2012. Time. 5.55am. Pls suggest akshrabyasa muhurthams

  40. Hari Babu says:

    Can you please let me know the best date for Aksharabhyasam for my son. Below are his details.
    Name: Ruthvik Kolaparti
    DOB: 12th May, 2013
    Birth Time: 10:25AM
    Birth Place: Ongole


  41. Soudamini Adepu says:

    My son name mokshith date of birth 19th may 2013.pls tel me date for his aksharabyasam

  42. Rahul Deshmane says:

    My Son DOB is 03.07.2013.
    I want to perform Aksharabyasam Puja in Oct 2015.
    Please inform the important dates

  43. Madhu says:

    My son Name is Sri Rithwik Reddy DOB is 13 July 2013 at 5.10 PM please give good date for aksharabyaasam

  44. Venkat Kankanala says:

    My daughter name varshitha dob 19-07-2013 tell me date for aksharabhyasam

  45. K.Madhuri says:

    my daughters name sreshta born on 27/10/2012 at 3:40pm pls upload auspucious date and timinings in august &sep 2015

  46. Nikhitha Maddineni says:

    My daughter name thanmayi dob 30-11-13 tell me date& time for aksharabasam

  47. anjireddy says:

    my son DHARSHIL BIRTH DATE 12/12/2013 ,TIME 8:21AM

  48. SRINI says:

    My daughter’s birthdate is 19 JUn 13.We want to do aksharabyasam in nov (after 10).Can u please inform some good dates

  49. Murali Burra says:

    MY SON DATE OF BIRTH AS ON 10 NOV 2012.please tell me a Good day in Aksharabhyasam

  50. Archana praveen says:

    My son name is Shashwath.His birth is on 05/04/2013 which day is best for his aksharaabyas

  51. Sushma says:

    My son name is harshavardhan,his birth day us on 29/12/2012.which date is best for aksharabyasam

  52. Dilipsinh C Solanki says:

    My son name is Jayveersinh,his Birthday-17/03/2012. Which dates best for him for Aksharabhyasam ?

  53. achaiah karnati says:

    My grandson name is vanarasa bhavesh d o b.07-03-2013,which dates best for aksharabhyasam?

  54. venkat says:

    my son sahishnu reddy, birth day on august 22, 2013. please suggest a date which is best for aksharabhyasam after 22 august.

  55. girish khg says:

    My daughter by name ghana shree born on 10/6/2013. Pls tell me the best day for aksharabyasa. I intended to join school in july, august 2015

  56. Deepthi Kaza says:

    Hello sir,
    My daughter’s name is lakshayaa. Her date of birth is 1st July 2013. Please suggest a correct date for her aksharabhyasam in the month of august.

  57. Naresh Kumar Reddipalli says:

    please info the auspcious date on oct 2015

  58. kishore kumar says:

    My son dob 12-11-2011. Akshrabyasam over now we want to join in nursery so kindly inform me best day to join in school in July and August month 2015.

  59. Naresh Kumar Reddipalli says:

    Plz update auspicious time and day for Oct 15

  60. ASHWAN REDDY says:

    HI, My son is SAI SHRITHAN REDDY.G his date of birth is 15th August 2012 please give correct date and time for doing aksharabhyasam.

  61. Sanjana Nagbhushan says:

    Hi,My son name is Dhrushil.N his date of birth is 07th september 2011 please give correct date and time for doing Aksharabhyasam in sep and nov 2015.

  62. satyanarayana says:

    dear sir my daughter name is asritha her date :21/4/2014 time:4:30 Please suggest days to aksharabyasam from june to july -2015

  63. shailaja says:

    My son name is vishal his date of birty is 20th may 2013. Please suggest the correct date and time for Aksharabyasam form june to october 2015.

  64. YADAGIRI says:


  65. Usha N says:

    My son born on 12-7-2013 tell me best time for aksharaabhayasa

  66. uma says:

    hi , my son name is lokesh . his date of birth 16/03/2013. is sunday is the best time for his aksharabhyasam.

  67. venkat says:

    Pls send the auspicious dates for akshara abhyasam in June and July 2015

  68. poduri parvathi says:

    My daughter name is rishita..she was born on 07 April 2012 .she was very intelligent .I am going to bases at 20 Aug 2014 .some problems she was not going to school.but now she was ready to SCHOOL pl tell me best time for school joining

  69. Ramyasree says:

    Hi!I’m Ramyasree.My son name is Reshwanth. His date of birth is 23/05/2015 at 8:04am.Please provide which date is best for aksharabyasam in June 2015 .

  70. Gopika sunith says:

    my daughter is born 2.3.2013 chothi nakshathram.akshrabhysam good day at july

  71. Lata says:

    I want to start my educational firm in June 2015which are the shubh Muharat and day with date

  72. Deepika says:

    My son born on 13 Jan 12 @ 10:50 pm and name is Siddharth. Please suggest which date is suitable for akshara abhyasa in June 2015

  73. Padma says:

    My grand daughter birthdate jjuly28 2012
    Anuradha nakshatram
    Place newjersey
    Aksharabhyasam muhurtams

  74. Anil Kumar says:

    My daughter born on 11-Feb-2013 at 4:20 pm. Name is Sai Venkata Sahasra. Please suggest me best muhurtham for aksharabhyasam in 2015 or which month is suitable for her birth date.

  75. ROOPA B says:


  76. NV. Ramana says:

    My son born on 16-Feb-2013 at 11:06 pm. Name is Lohith. Please suggest me best muhurtham for aksharabhyasam in June/July 2015 or which month is suitable for his birth date.

  77. sundari says:

    My son name is vedaa karrthik and his date of birth : 6th OCT 2012 and time is 1:28 pm, mrugasira naskhatram. Please send the good day and time for akshrabhyasam of may 2015

  78. ramesh kumar says:

    my son name is ikshit ,his birth date is 10th may 2013 and 8:15 47 pm , Kritika Nakshatra

    Which date is best for aksharabhyasam in BASAR Please provide dates in may


  79. swetha says:

    sir my son rithwik born on 2-6-2012 please tell me a muhurtham for aksharabhyas in may/june 2015

  80. Shanmugam Ramachandra says:

    Plz update auspicious timeand day for may and june

  81. SUSHMA says:

    My daughter Aradhya. Her date of birth 09-04-2015. Please suggest best days to aksharabhyas in may/june 2015

  82. Punnareddy Koppula says:

    my son's DOB 15-Nov2012 time 10;15PM please tell me a Good day in May-15 for his Aksharabhyasam

  83. punnareddy says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Sons DOB 15/11/2012 time 10:20 PM Please tell me a good day in May-15 for his Aksharabhyasam.

  84. Pavan says:

    My daughter Thanvisowmya date of birth on 17-10-2012 , so please provide best murtham to aksharabhyasam in May 2015

  85. rakesh says:

    My son’s DOB is 30th Jan 2012,Mesha Rasi, Ashwini Nakshathra, Can you please provide good days aksharabhyasam in May June July months in the year 2015

  86. laxman says:

    My daughter madhupriya date of birth on 09-07-2012,so please up load best muhurtham to aksharabyas at basara in may/june ,2015

  87. Anil says:

    My daughter name: grahya dob :17-12-2012 tob :18.20 pob : Guntur. Please suggest aksharabhyasam date in the month of may 2015

  88. Sneha says:

    My son’s DOB is 29th Nov 2012, 9:30AM and his star is Rohini. Please tell me a good day in May 2015 for his Aksharabhyasam.

  89. Jyothi Meda says:

    need upto dec 2015 auspicious days for aksharabhyasam pls

  90. Jyothi Meda says:

    Can u please upload may 2015 aksharabhyasam auspicious dates n timings

  91. suresh says:

    My son name is Akhilsai dob is 13-9-2012 at kothagudem time 7:50AM please tell me about his akshrabhyasam in june

  92. Chandu Mangali says:

    respected sir,
    i am m.prasad we want to make aksharabhyasam with my two childrans in saraswati temple.so,give saggest
    good days in this month of may-2015.

    thank you

  93. prathyusha says:

    my doughter name is jaagvi dob 27th june 2013 please suggest a good day for aksharabyasam in the month may 2015

  94. shivaraj says:

    my daughter name is Harika she born on 18.07.2012, please suggest a good day for aksharabyasam in may -2015.

  95. narendar goud says:

    my son name is aneesh goud DOB 26 feb 2013, please suggest a good muhurath for akshrabhyasam in april

  96. nanda kishore says:

    My dougter DOB 31-8-2012. Name: Sahasra Pls suggest a good muhurtham for my baby aksharbyasam may 1st week…. Also let me know 3rd nd 4th early morning may2015

  97. Nethravathi says:

    Hi, My son Darsh Rao born on 19th july 2012,poosa nakshatra,katakka rasi,please suggest good day for aksharaabhyasam from 28 april and before 31st may, Thank you

  98. Ishwarya says:

    My mother name is Ganga bhavani. Her date of birth year 1956 April we don’t know the date. And time. She going to plan to us to his son home. When is the best date to travel

  99. divya says:

    My daughter Akkitha born on 11th may 2013, rohini nakshatra, vrishabha rasi.please suggest good muhurtham for aksharaabhyasam.

  100. Ganesh Rao says:

    My son is now 2 years and 2 months. Rohini Nakshatra. pls suggest good muhurtham for Aksharaabhasam from 26th of April and before 3rd of May 2015. My uncle told me to do it on Akshaya Trutiya day and informed me that no need to see muhurtham in that day. Is it true? Thanks in advance.

  101. Aneel Kumar says:

    My son kishor date of birth is 02.02.2013,chitta nakshatram.please provide good muhurthas for aksarabhyasam from october2015 to januvary 2016

  102. Deepthi says:

    My son’s name is arjun.His date of birth is 09-08-2012.pls suggest a auspicious muhurtham for aksharabhyasam in may n june.Also let me know how is 01-05-2015, 9:05 to 10:2O for aksharabhyasam

  103. Veda Vishwanath says:

    My son ‘s name Haripreet. His date of Birth is 07th Nov 2012. Ashlesha Nakshatra 4th Pada. Pls suggest a auspicious muhurtam for aksharabhyasam.

    Thanks & Regards,

  104. Janaki Reddy says:

    My Daughter's DOB is 27th July 2012,Vishaka Nakshatra,Tula Rasi Can you please provide good days aksharabhyasam in April May June July months in the year 2015

  105. Shivakumarswamy Shivakumar says:

    My Son Name is chethan. His Birth Date 29/10/2012. Which date is best for aksharabhyasam. Please providedates after june,july,ayg,sep,oct.sunday or festival days pl copertion. thanks shivakumar

  106. Sindhu Thota says:


    My daughter name is Brunda Thota.. Star is Uttarashada 1st Padam, DOB is 8th Feb 2013 @ 10.30 AM in Khammam, A.P, India… Please suggest the subha muhurtham for her aksharabhyasam in 2015.


  107. Sharan says:

    contact number 7829717171

  108. s.v.v.s.n.murty. says:

    Dear sir my son name -Abhiram sri venkata suryanarayana & star-kruthika 2and step dob-13-04-2013 time-11-06am place of birth kakinada pls suggested the subha mushtham of akshrabasam on may-2015

  109. raju says:

    My son name is praneeth Raj his Dob Is 18/1/2013 please kindle suggest akshrabyasom date

  110. Shivaji Prasad M says:

    Dear sir,

    My son name is Pujith Venkata Sai Munnangi & his DOB is 08.12.12,please kindle suggest Akshrabyasam Date.

  111. sripriya says:

    Can you please suggest all the available dates in March 2015 suitable for aksharabyasam.

  112. raju says:

    My daughter name is Moukthika
    d.o.b 18/01/2012
    Witch date is correct aksharabysam in march 2015

  113. Murali krishna says:

    My son name is likith Krishna,his DOB 5sep2012,can you please suggest aksharabyasam date and time in Feb 2015

  114. Murali krishna says:

    My son name is likith Krishna,his DOB 5feb2012,can you please suggest aksharabyasam date and time in Feb 2015

  115. V. Upender says:

    My son name is Navaneeth. DOB 04.02.2013 at o4:00 PM. Anuradhanakshtram. Plz Suggest the date and time on the month of march 2015 for Akshrabyasam.

  116. Manjunath Jedenavar says:

    My daughter Khushi Jedenavar is born on 14th November 2011 in Dharawad. can you suggest the date and time on this month Feb-2015 for Aksharabhysam

  117. mahesh thota says:

    My daughter Krusheeka Thota is born on Nov 3rd 2012 on Saturday 12.15pm (India time, 09.45 am Saudi Arabia time) in Madina district, Saudi Arabia.
    Nakshatram: Arudhra
    We want to perform Aksharabhyasam this year 2015, preferably in April, September or October 2015, can you please suggest best dates and time for conducting the same.
    Please let me know.

  118. Radhika says:

    My son details:
    name: pydi Naga venkata satya sai Nidish
    D.O.B: 21-09-2012
    T.O.B: 7:55 PM
    P.O.B: Kondapur-Hyderabad

    Can you please suggest the date and time for his Aksharabyasam.

  119. Vidya Sm says:

    My doughter name is pranavi date of birth is 7. Jan 2012 please suggest. A muhurth for her aksharabyas in Feb or march 2015

  120. vijay bhasker reddy says:

    my son name is RAJVEER REDDY his date of birth 25th march 2012.please suggest which date is best for aksharabyasam in february and march 2015

  121. padma says:

    Pls suuggest which day is best for aksharbyasam in february 2015.my daughter name srinithi reddy date of birth 27/07/2012. swathi nakstram

  122. Dillibabu Vattluri says:

    Are there anyone to answer. Yesterday I had put a posting & till now no has responded. Is this a joke or is this a really site for getting the answers

  123. Ganesh KUSUMA says:

    Dear sir,

    Pls suuggest which day is best for aksharbyasam in february 2015
    I read feb 07 is best for aksharabyasam

  124. YuvaKiran N says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter name is AAMUKTA NAGARI DOB IS 27/3/2012.We would like to do Aksharabhyasam could you please suggest the best temple in Chennai to carryout the same along with homam . auspicious day and time also required please. Thanks…

  125. Dillibabu Vattluri says:

    My Son Name is Tejeswar. His Birth Date 08/01/2013. Which date is best for aksharabhyasam. Please providedates after March

  126. Dillibabu Vattluri says:

    My Son Name is Tejeswar. His Birth Date 08/01/2013. Which date is best for aksharabhyasam. Please provide dates after March

  127. K Bhanu Raghupathi Rao says:

    Sir, My Son name is K. Shanmukha Srisiva Jayachandra, and his DOB:11/11/2012, Hasta Nakshtram, we planing to do Aksharabhyasam in Basara Temple. Please suggest which is auspicious mahurtham in February 2015. Awaiting from your reply. Thank u.

  128. DASARI ROSAIAH says:

    Dear sir,

    My son name is D. GNANA TEJA and his DOB:3/3/2012,aarudra nakshtram, we planning to do aksharabhyasam in basara temple.please suggest which is the auspicious muhurtham in february 2015 .awaiting for your reply.

  129. Anonymous says:

    My son Name is Dhyanesh. His Birth Date is 10-11-2010 which date is suitable for vidhyaramham pl. inform me.

  130. Suresh says:

    Thank you for the valuable info, and All the dates,

  131. Siyamala says:

    My daughter name is Y.Varshita and her DOB is 02-11-2012, Rohini nakshatra, we are planning to do aksharabhyasam in Basara temple, please suggest which is the auspicious muhurtham in october and novemember’2014. Awaiting for your reply…

  132. shashikala says:

    My daughter name is Monisha her D.O.B is 05/12/2012,Maka nakshatra, simha rashi, we are planning to do aksharabyasam, in sringeri temple, please suggest which is the auspicious muhurtham on november month.
    Waiting for your replay.

  133. lavanya says:

    Dear sir,
    My son name is nishal anirudh DOB is 24-12-2012 nakshatra is anuradha we are planning to do aksharabyasam on October 1st 2014 in sringeri temple is it an auspicious muhurtham on that day please suggest….
    Awaiting for your reply in my mail id,

  134. leya says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son’s DOB is in 27/04/12, at what age we should do his vidhyarambham, when? please give a good day and time as we are in Muscat,Oman

    Please reply in mail.

    Awaiting for your reply.


  135. Sowmithri Bt says:

    for wearing gem stone finger rings..please suggest best muhurtham in may 2014

  136. Pratap says:

    best days for starting an office as per hindu calender

  137. Nirupadhih says:

    aug 15th gruhapravesam muhurtham for poorvabhadra 1stpada and uttara phalguni 4th pada

  138. Kripal says:

    how is the rush in basara on mulanakshatram day

  139. Bipin says:

    auspicious days in august 2013 to start business kerala

  140. Tunganath says:

    what are the timings for aksharabhyasam at basara

  141. Aakarshan says:

    where i can make vidyarambham in sharjah for my daughter

  142. Ganga says:

    telugu muhurtham dates in 2013 for joining in jobs

  143. Mahi says:

    is vidhiya a good day according to telugu calender

  144. Gajvadan says:

    which day is the best for basara saraswathi pooja

  145. Kanha says:

    which day is good for akshrabhaysam for august

  146. Supratik says:

    good day to do house warming in 12th August 2013

  147. Visamaksh says:

    good day for house registration in august 2013 telugu panchangam

  148. Dwarakadas says:

    auspicious days for conceive a boy as per astrolosy 2013

  149. Amritaya says:

    what r the important dates to perform aksharabhyasam in august 2013

  150. Vari says:

    good day for aksharabhyasam in 2013 in october for sravana nakshtram

  151. Manaar says:

    is august 25 2013 auspicious day to perform functions

  152. Chirantan says:

    best muhurats for august 2013 for applying to a new job

  153. Mukta says:

    good muhurtham to learn car driving august 2013

  154. Anagh says:

    auspicious time in august 2013 for any work

  155. Achyuthan says:

    auspicious day to shift to a new home month of august 2013

  156. Amulya says:

    auspicious days in sep 2013 for aksharabyasam in basara

  157. Manuraj says:

    28th july 2013 7 50am indian born baby telugu star

  158. Garud says:

    good day to start work in 2013 AUGUST

  159. Yadubar says:

    is 01 august thursday 2013 is auspicious day for registration of property

  160. Vadish says:

    Which day is opcious for new office opening in shravan

  161. Ranesh says:

    good day in aug 2013 for tonsure function

  162. Sudesha says:

    auspicious days in 2013 to buye bike in chennai

  163. Mrigendra says:

    good and auspicious day for land registration in tamilnadu

  164. Abeer says:

    auspicious days in august 2013 as per south brahmins

  165. Gurmukh Gurnam says:

    auspicious days in november 2013 for conceiving a boy

  166. Shashish says:

    19 july 2013 is auspicious date opening business with time

  167. Saju says:

    auspicious days to move office july august 2013

  168. Jatasya says:

    Auspicious day in august 2013 per hindi calender california

  169. Matsyendra says:

    auspicious day in august 2013 for new joining

  170. Nitai says:

    auspicious dates to move to new office in 2013 tamil calendar

  171. Chandraabhaa says:

    is 17-07-2013 good for vidya arambham acording to hindu astrology

  172. Parbarti says:

    auspicious days for joining new job in Sep 2013

  173. Niramayee says:

    july 28 auspious day and time for naming ceremony 2013

  174. Nirbhay says:

    good muhurtham in july 2013 for earrings pierced for infant

  175. Parina says:

    seemantham good days in the month of august 2013

  176. Vanita says:

    muhurthas for conceing as per 2014 telugu calendar

  177. Premal says:

    auspicious day in august 2013 for office shifting in delhi

  178. Simrit says:

    auspicious days in august 2013 for house registration tamilnadu

  179. Ramkishore says:

    good auspicious hindu dates to take a school examination in september 2013?

  180. Nila says:

    during maturation of 8 th day shoud do aksharabyasam to baby

  181. Tungeshwar says:

    most auspicious days in july 2013 in chennai

  182. Satyasheel says:

    good days for griha pravesh in july 2013 for keralites

  183. Auhna says:

    auspicious day in month of july 2013 for vidya

  184. Sunirmal says:

    muhurthams in hindu calendar 2013 as per hyderabad

  185. Abha says:

    best days to get married in august 2013 in south india

  186. Sanjit says:

    is 10th july 2013 an auspicious day for joining work

  187. Badal says:

    best name for a hindu boy born on mar 19 2013

  188. Dharmendra says:

    sun rise & sun set time in delhi 10/06/2013 to12/06/2013

  189. Gangi says:

    good hindu dates to start a business 2013

  190. Bhuvaneshwar says:

    On which day to perform aksharabhyasam at Basara

  191. Sarana says:

    hindu brahmin date for mundan in october 2013

  192. Sheshdhar says:

    november 10 is an auspicious day for kerala

  193. Bahugandha says:

    auspicious days for house warming in november 2013

  194. Prashansa says:

    good days to join in new house in july 2013 for hindu telugu people

  195. Gurjas says:

    can akshara abhyasam do on sunday in sringeri

  196. Angoori says:

    auspicious days in august 2013 for temple visit

  197. Nishka says:

    which is the best day in july for vidyarambham/

  198. Vidhyadhar says:

    When age we have to do aksharabyasam for child

  199. Dandapaani says:

    as Per tamil panchangam what lagnamat9 15am to 10 15 am on 10/7/13

  200. Prajapati says:

    which are the subhamuhurtham days for moving house in August 2013

  201. Sonali says:

    best month and day to do vidyarambham pooja

  202. Nakti says:

    auspicious days for karnataka hindus in june 2013

  203. Abhiraam says:

    which day is the best for akharabyasam in june month

  204. Ann says:

    Please include the days for Aksharabhyasam in August and September also in this page

  205. Sreevalsan says:

    auspicious days in june 2013 for naming ceremony

  206. Pravir says:

    jyeshta masam is good month to do seemantham

  207. Kraanti says:

    muhurtham date for tonsuring and ear boring in june 2013

  208. Nirakula says:

    for aksharabhyasam which is best temple in bangalore

  209. Ishwarya says:

    auspicious days in july 2013 for job joining

  210. Sweta says:

    in south india can auspicious work be done in july

  211. Banke says:

    can aksharabhyasam be done in 2 years of age

  212. Chapala says:

    ashada masam is good or bad for baby name ceremony

  213. Neelkamal says:

    Whether 23rd June 2013 is an auspicious day for house warming

  214. Heramba says:

    which is the best date for aksharabhyasam for revathi nakshatra in 2013

  215. Kamakshi says:

    auspicious date for joining new job june 2013 india

  216. Shikhar says:

    auspicious day for joining job or duty in june 2013

  217. Sajan says:

    auspicious day in june 2013 for starting child education

  218. Anshumali says:

    auspious day for joining school for the first time

  219. Srinithi says:

    how to perform aksharabhysam pooja at home for children

  220. Siddharth says:

    auspicious days in june 2013 for tonsuring and ear boring

  221. Vidhatru says:

    when is aksharabhyasam (special pooja) in basara performed

  222. Sainath says:

    auspicious days for vidyarambham in july in malayalam CALENDER

  223. Anila says:

    hi My daughter born on 6th April 2011. Please suggest a good day for Vidyaarambham in August or Sept ’13

  224. Naagesh says:

    is 6 may good for mundan of a boy

  225. Sanhata says:

    muhurtams in june 2013 for srimantham as for telugu calender

  226. Madhurya says:

    auspicious days in july 2013 for cradle ceremony

  227. Tarunima says:

    auspicious day in june 2013 for new job

  228. Pratik says:

    what is akshrabyasam on what day we can do that

  229. Dharitri says:

    june month good day 2013 to join in to new jobs in telugu

  230. Bhanupriya says:

    auspicious days for starting new job in June 2013

  231. Shrivas says:

    good time for mundan on 2nd june 2013

  232. Kavi says:

    auspicious days for akshara byasam in august 2013

  233. Prem Siddhi says:

    best day and timing for ganapathy homam june 2013

  234. Manmayi says:

    auspicious day in june 2013 to join a new job

  235. Puloma says:

    auspicious day to start tuition for children in june 2013

  236. Pratiksha says:

    auspicious days in june 2013 for innaguration of new office

  237. Ghanendra says:

    30 may 2013 tamil calendar good day to shift

  238. Chitt says:

    what will be in english for telugu aksharabhyasam

  239. Avanti says:

    auspicious dates to start new job for sravana nakshatra in june 2013

  240. Harinarayan says:

    Auspicious dates for Ganapathy Homam in 2013 June

  241. Indrakanta says:

    is may 22 2013 a auspicious day for child birth

  242. Jyotiprakash says:

    most suitable name for a telugu girl born on 30/11/2012

  243. Priyala says:

    which are the preferable days for sringeri aksharabhyasam

  244. Meet says:

    auspicious day to join new company july 2013

  245. Gopinath says:

    is may 20th 2013 an auspicious day to goto new home

  246. Bhupendra says:

    which day is important for aksharabhyasa in sringeri/

  247. Mamta says:

    list of auspicious dates in 2013 for mundan in south india

  248. Vishv says:

    muhurtham days for bhoomi pooja in june 2013 pampu panchangam

  249. Meghraj says:

    book a ticket to my child of aksharabhyasam in basara

  250. Pravar says:

    kollur mookambika temple vidyarambham timings in may 2013

  251. Kaushalya says:

    can vidyarambam be performed inmookambika templeon 28th july 2013

  252. Rasaraj says:

    auspicious days in the month of june 2013 for naming ceremony

  253. Shrikar says:

    is any time can perform aksharabhyasam in basara

  254. Vartika says:

    Lucky days to conceive boy in june 2013

  255. Mrinalika says:

    auspicious time for engagement on 26th may 2013

  256. Chitrita says:

    is 23rd may 2013 gud day for housewarming

  257. Tanmay says:

    best mukurtha for office inauguration in may 2013

  258. Tusti says:

    auspicious dates and time for job joining in june

  259. Shreyash says:

    2013-05-15 9 27am birth baby what letter tamil name?

  260. Paarth says:

    20th may 2013 good for sravana nakshatra for aksharabhyasam

  261. Nirahankar says:

    any special ceremony in sree mookambika temple in may 2013

  262. Karnapriya says:

    auspicious days in may 2013 for mundan of a childs hair

  263. Namita says:

    good days in may 2013 for naming ceremony in telugu

  264. Anshul says:

    which day is good for aksharabhyasam at sringeri

  265. Vaisak says:

    we can do the vidyarabham in may 2013 in sree mookambika

  266. Madhubala says:

    auspicious days of marriage in 2013 according to south indian calender

  267. Nissim says:

    to be born subha muhurtham in may 2013

  268. Vedbhushan says:

    which is the suitable day to housewarming in month may 2013 for hastha nakshatra dhanur lagnam

  269. Bansi says:

    shuba muhurtham on thursday 16th may 2013 for wearing gemstone ring

  270. Manik says:

    auspiciou days for akshrabhayasam at houston texas usa

  271. Kaustubhi says:

    best day to do vidhyarambam in mookambika temple

  272. Sarisha says:

    subha muhurtham and time on akshaya tritiya in 2013

  273. Hitaishi says:

    telugu muhurtham for engagement in 2013 for brahmins

  274. Rasaraj says:

    till when the time is good tomorrow for aksharabhyasam dt: 12 05 2013

  275. Kunjana says:

    auspicious days for aksharabyasa in may 2013 in houston texas usa

  276. Padmamalini says:

    vidhyarambham timings for september 2013 in mookambika temple

  277. Rasabihari says:

    what is the correct age for doing basara aksharabhyasam

  278. Aravind says:

    good time for puja on may 20th 2013

  279. Bavyesh says:

    i want to do my sons aksharabyasam on 13 may 2013 is it a good day

  280. Gitashri says:

    auspicious dates for starting new job in june 2013

  281. Jivana says:

    can house warming ceremony function be performed on vijay dashami day

  282. Kshanika says:

    i want to take my sons aksharabyasam at wargal temple of saraswati

  283. Remya says:


    Could you please update the Aksharabhyasam dates from August 2013.


  284. Nitara says:

    auspicious days in may 2013 for school joining

  285. Kamalnayan says:

    What is meant by Telugu aksharabhyasam in English

  286. Kshanaprabha says:

    May 22 2013 lucky day to transfer new office?

  287. Visvajit says:

    auspicious days for devi puja in june 2013

  288. Nikash says:

    in basara Akshara abhyasam what are the requie

  289. Suraksha says:

    auspicious day to join new job in the month of june13

  290. Udita says:

    auspicious day for tonsure and ear piercing for my kid in may 2013

  291. Maharanth says:

    can aksharabhyasam be done on akshaya tritiya 2013

  292. Shvetang says:

    good days for job joining on june 2013 telugu calendar

  293. Poorvaganga says:

    what are the good days to do aksharabhyasam in april may 2013

  294. Ish says:

    auspicious days to start education in june 2013

  295. Parivita says:

    good days for aksharabhyasam muhurtham in may 2013

  296. Somanshu says:

    telugu calendar subha muhurtham days in may 2013

  297. Mitali says:

    auspicious days in may 2013 shanthi muhurtham day in may

  298. SaiJeevadhara says:

    auspicious days in may 2013 for doing new born layette

  299. Kosi says:

    auspicious days in 2013 for tamil brahmins marriage

  300. Sampada says:

    what is the good muhurtham in may 2013 starting house

  301. Rohana says:

    on akshaya tritiya there is rush in basara temple?

  302. Aaradhak says:

    auspicious days in may 2013 for shanthi muhurtham

  303. Charmaine says:

    auspicious days during month of may 2013 for south indians

  304. Sana says:

    auspicious time for mundan on 13th may 2013

  305. Nushi says:

    panchangam best day in 2013 for initiating change

  306. Suhruda says:

    telugu muhurtham dates in may 2013 for sreemantham

  307. Yashika says:

    is padyami a good day to stard studying

  308. Aarnav says:

    good day to buy bike in may2013 according to hinduism

  309. Digvastra says:

    what is the best muhurtham for house warming for tomorrow

  310. Nirbhik says:

    5th april2013 best muhurtam for house worming and sugges to good muhurtham this month

  311. Vishvahetu says:

    auspicious poornima days for joining new job in may 2013

  312. Vetali says:

    auspicious day to carry tonsure of hindu baby boy

  313. Somasindhu says:

    muhurtham for new job joining in May 2013

  314. Pujya says:

    good days in may 2013 telugu dates for poojas

  315. Samriddhi says:

    good muhurtham to start work in august 2013

  316. Suyash says:

    is may 23rd 2013 auspicious day for housewarming

  317. Nirosha says:

    TAMIL CALENDAR may 1st 2013 isit an auspixious dY TO start bussinss

  318. Heerkani says:

    good date and time to join a new office

  319. Induprabha says:

    good days for new job joining in may 2013

  320. Karishma says:

    auspicious day to join in school subha muhurtham 2013

  321. Hetal says:

    subha muhurtham days in may 2013 as per telugu

  322. Tarkeshwari says:

    is 18th may 2013 auspicious for naming ceremony

  323. Shishirkumar says:

    whichis the best muhurtham to start study in may 2013

  324. Mahakram says:

    good day for conception for boy in may 2013 as per indian calendar

  325. Nikhil says:

    telugu auspicious days in may 2013 for aksharabhyasam

  326. Inika says:

    telugu subha muhurtham days in 2013 for starting of new education

  327. Riya says:

    How many times we can do Aksharabhyasam for Children

  328. Dhanishta says:

    good muhurtham in 2013 for naming ceremony august sunday

  329. Adishakti says:

    formalities for aksharabhyasam in gnana saraswati temple in vizianagaram

  330. Shaildhar says:

    is 3 rd may a good day for starting a job telugu calender

  331. Shubhra says:

    good day to shift office Apr & may 2013

  332. Sudena says:

    what is time for vidyarambham in may 2013

  333. Jagrati says:

    how to do aksharabhyasam pooja in telugu pdfs

  334. Yayin says:

    auspicious dates in may 2013 to join duty

  335. Abha says:

    good muhurthams for cesarean in texas may 2013

  336. Meet says:

    how much time it will take to complete to basara aksharabhyasam pooja

  337. Darpak says:

    auspious days in 2013 reading first letter to the child

  338. Hemanti says:

    wednesday good day to start businessin2013 according to hinduism for keralites

  339. Jeevan says:

    good day to shift house in may 2013 according to hindu calendar

  340. Ganpati says:

    good muhurtham time on akshaya trithiya day in 2013

  341. Yogendra says:

    auspicious day to learn driving in april 2013

  342. Sahasya says:

    i want to conduct aksharabhyasam in sringeri on may 13th plz give contact details

  343. Omar says:

    muhurthams dates for aksharabyasam in may 2013 at basara

  344. Briti says:

    auspicious days for aksharabyasam at basara in 2013

  345. Nagpal says:

    kundli for a baby born on 23 april 2013 at 10 27

  346. Padmabandhu says:

    best time for childs first word writing in temple india according to astrology

  347. Tahir says:

    may 2013 good hindu karnataka dates for mundan ceremony

  348. Tarun says:

    in august there is muhurtham for marriages in andhrapradesh?

  349. Anchita says:

    auspicious dates for starting business in may 2013 bangalore

  350. Akshara says:

    good days in may 2013 for joining school

  351. Shreeharsh says:

    aksharabhyasam sringeri sharada peetham age limit for children

  352. Shishirkumar says:

    auspicious time in june 2013 to join new job

  353. Tuvijat says:

    Is there good days for house warmingin November between 20 to3 2013

  354. Praneel says:

    is may 23rd 2013 auspicious day for housewarming telugu

  355. Shalalu says:

    auspicious time on 4 th may-2013 for joining in new job

  356. Phanindra says:

    29 April 2013 South Africa auspicious good or bad day to move into home

  357. Shivanand says:

    if a baby boy is born on april 15th 2013 at 1 11pm what name would u prefer as per hindu tradition

  358. Vamika says:

    how auspicious is 16th may 2013 for child birth

  359. Padmashri says:

    which day is auspicious to visit basara temple

  360. Tusti says:

    significance of mundan on panchmi date 29 may 2013

  361. Kusumlata says:

    best day for house warming in may 2013 as per telugu panchangam

  362. Kirit says:

    good days in may 2013 for function according to date of birth

  363. Ratnalekha says:

    wargal saraswati temple aksharabhyasam timings for may 2013

  364. Yoshita says:

    what is the best dates to take tonsure at balaji in august 2013

  365. Bhoopat says:

    auspicious day in may 2013 to start learning

  366. Meet says:

    Gooddays for registration of land in tamilnadu in april till december 2013

  367. Sutej says:

    Lord saraswathi janma nakshatra and on which day akshrabyasam should done for small children

  368. Vimalmani says:

    auspicious days for naming ceremony in month of may 2013

  369. Chandramukhi says:

    According to telugu people which is good date to start construction of house in may 2013

  370. Sukhwant says:

    best lagna for starting new work on 22nd april 2013

  371. Shveta says:

    shubh time for start work in 25 april 2013

  372. Chapal says:

    auspicious days for opening new office as per tamil calendar

  373. Vishram says:

    auspicious dates in 2013 for naming a baby

  374. Aakarshan says:

    auspicious dates for joining new job in 2013

  375. Sarang says:

    what is the word for aksharabhyasam ceremony in english

  376. Rachana says:

    zodiac of childbirth on 20 apr 2013 time 10 58 pm

  377. Rasna says:

    best murtham in april 2013 for new shop opining

  378. Suvir says:

    auspicious days for housewarming in april 2013 for rohini star

  379. Jaygopal says:

    auspicious day in april 2013 for gana homa pooja

  380. Naveena says:

    auspicious days in may 2013 south indian calendar

  381. Sreevalsan says:

    tamil auspicious days in may 2013 to do ganapathy homam

  382. Kaladhar says:

    best time to visit basara for pati puja

  383. Udeep says:

    april 19th 2013 good muhurtham after 12 30 pm andhra pradesh telugu

  384. Vedika says:

    subha muhurtham for starting music classes in 2013

  385. Devak says:


  386. Sihaam says:

    muhurtam time om 19 april 2013 for house warming

  387. Mausam says:

    hindu calendar 2013 house shifting muhurthams in april

  388. Pushpak says:

    auspicious days in april2013 for joining new post

  389. Shivanand says:

    according to Malayalam astrology which is the best day to join for a Job in April 2013

  390. Lalchandra says:

    dinamalar vastu griha pravesh 2013 dates in may and june

  391. Upadhriti says:

    auspicious days in july 2013 to visit tirumala

  392. Gunamay says:

    auspicious days in april 2013 for flat registration

  393. Sharu says:

    auspicious days to buy gold in chithirai 2013

  394. Sanjana says:

    bhumi puja 13th may 2013 subha day 2013 oriya calendar

  395. Gopal says:

    saraswathi naksatra for first reading of letters month of May 2013

  396. Nand-kishore says:

    is 29-apr-2013 is it good day to start new job per telugu panchangam

  397. Kinaari says:

    subha muhurtham for starting for a vehicles in 2013

  398. Snehil says:

    Is the date 24/11/2013 an auspicious day for Hindu marriage in Hinduism

  399. Manorath says:

    muhurtam for marriage in 2013 as per telugu calender

  400. Sukrant says:

    aksharabhyasam muhurthams in teh month of may 2013

  401. Prajeet says:

    may month good day for new job joining

  402. Kamalakar says:

    22 april 2013 for naming ceremony best muhurat time

  403. Aarth says:

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    my baby name is vennelasree.birth time,july -9-2010,in tirupati 7-10pm,which date is good for my babys akshrabhas.now we are stying in pune.plz tell me. thank u,

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