Accommodation at Vemulawada Temple

Here are the details of Accommodation at Vemulawada Temple. The list of guest houses, number of rooms, rent per day, Non AC rooms, and AC rooms, etc.. are given here.

Vemulawada Rajarajeshwara Swamy Temple (Rajanna Temple) is a famous Shiva Temple located in Karimnagar district of Telangana. Also revered as Dakshina Kashi’.

Ugadi festival, Sri Rama Navami, Shravana Masam, Devi Navaratri Utsavams, Karthika Masam, Margashira Masam, Magha Masam and Maha Shivaratri are the major festival periods at Sri Rajarajeshwara Swamy Temple, Vemulawada.


Sl. No. Name of the choultry No. of rooms & rent per day Total rooms
A.C. rooms & rent per day Non-A.C. rooms & rent per day
1 Rajeshwarapuram choultry 04Rs.500/- 26Rs. 250/- 30
2 Parvathipuram choultry 78Rs. 150/- 78
3 Lakshmi Ganapathi complex 93Rs. 150/- 93
4 Nandeeshwara complex 32Rs.500/- 31Rs.250/- 63
5 Sivapuram choultry 47Rs.100/- 47
6 Sankarapuram choultry 59Rs.50/- 59
7 Sri Ammavari Guest House 8Rs.600/- 08
8 Sri Bheemeshwara Guest Hose 1Rs.1,500/- 01


Note – The rent per day may vary based on updated terms and conditions of the temple committee.

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  1. G Raj Kumar says:

    Sir please book two rooms non AC
    For me on 17 Nov from 10 PM

  2. vani shree subramanyam says:

    Dear Sir
    We are planning to reach on sunday 4pm on 27-11-2016 with my family kindly
    book 1 room in shivapuram choulty are any other suitable place for 1 day

  3. jayasudhan says:

    Sir I need 2 rooms please can u book in my name: jayasudhan phone number 9391377361 date on 12&13 November 2016

  4. Rajesh says:

    Sir, please book Non-AC or AC room in nearest guest house to the Temple with Car Parking for four members, My phone Number: 9849 686879

    From 11 Nov 2016 6PM to next day evening

  5. jagadish kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    We are planning to reach on sunday on 13 Nov.2016 at 6am with my family member.I request you to book 2 double rooms Non AC for 2day in Nandeeshwara complex or any other suitable place

  6. B.Rammohan says:

    Dear SIr,
    we are planing coming sunday(6.11.2016,7.00pm ),request you to kindly
    please book non -ac room.

    please do needfull

    kindly confom my no.7702188948

  7. Gurrapu sandeep says:

    Sir plz book room in laxmi ganapathi or nandeeshwara complex on 20-oct-2016, my contact number 8341415582, and i have tickets of my donated room ,

  8. B ramesh says:

    Sir we need non ac room family members are 6 we need room from 16-10-2016 8pm to 17-10-2016 8pm please contact me my contact no 9652906747

  9. manish says:

    i need 1 single room for two days i.e; on october 1,2 please contact me sir 9963860864

  10. amarendar deshimi says:

    Sir, Please book non-ac room for us on 21-08-2016 at 6:00pm to 22-08-2016 6:00pm, at parvathipuram choultry for myself and my family…..
    please do the needfull

  11. G.S.Praveen kumar says:

    Respected sir we six members of family please provide one nona/c room inground floor in Lakshmi Ganapathi Cimplex on 28/08/2016 sunday for two days
    please confirm my phone No.9849399146

  12. Hemantkumar Shashikantsa Pawar says:

    Sir we want at 7-7-16 for one night.We leave room to 8-7-16 before 12 noon.

  13. H sadashiva Reddy says:

    sir, need non A/C rooms on 4th & 5th of august 2016 at parvathipuram two rooms (two days) kindly do the needful we are trying on landline enquiry please confirm my mobile number 7893133131

  14. madhavi says:

    plz book a non A/C room for today evening 6.00pm

  15. SUDHAKAR says:

    Sir, I Want one room non a/c for today night 9.00 p m for night halting. Please do the needful. i am trying on your landline enquiry number but reply from three days.
    Please confirm my Mobile no 9848444270

    Thanking You

  16. Kommawar Vaijnath Gopalrao says:

    Sir we total ten persons visiting. We want non AC three rooms on 22/07/2016. Pl confirm.

  17. vinod says:

    Respected sir AC room is available on Saturday evening

  18. G.akhil teja says:

    Gud evening sir,
    I want one a/c big room for tomorrow mobile number is 7799131631.please confirm this request.

  19. G.RAM MOHAN says:

    hi sir coming monday(06/06/2016)morning 9am reach pl non-ac room aged people pl accept thank you G.RAM MOHAN PH:9866163086

  20. B VINAY KUMAR says:

    We need a non-ac room for 17th evng. Pls call to 9666019606

  21. Bhanu chander says:

    I want today evening 7:00pm one a/c room night halting please confirm my mobile number 9701158769

  22. R.venkataramana says:

    Please sir one non ac
    Room booking 24.04 2016
    Evng sir pls Reply sir

  23. R.venkataramana says:

    Please non ac room book
    On 24th evng sir pls

  24. sudheer.v says:

    I need a rooms on 16/2/2016 @ night halting plz confirm 8790316205

  25. Ramesh Babu says:

    i want non ac room tomarrow 7/2/16 pl confirm
    My mobile no is 9346214529

  26. P. Shiva prasad says:

    book a room for me on 10th feb 2016

  27. If there is any online booking plsss inform

  28. ram narayan says:

    plese online booking provide cheyandi

  29. Dileep kumar sandineni says:

    Hi Sir , we want one AC room.We are family 6members only on 6am Jan 6th.Kindly provide one room please…
    my contact no 08087784100

  30. on line booking room provide cheyandi

  31. K Laxmi narayana says:

    Sir we want one non A C room we are family 5 members only 7pm dec24 to1400hrs Dec25 kindly provide room my contact no 9885862307

  32. naveen manda says:

    Sir we want one non ac room we are family 3 members only on 6 pm dec 20 to dec 22 on 6 am sir plz kindly provide room my contact no 9502787808 8888312918 plz contact us

  33. Naveen Kumar Varma says:

    Hello Sir,
    I want to book non ac room for tomorrow that is Wednesday 9th December.
    Kindly arrange one room we are 7 members.
    Please contact us on 9885899007 or 9573761657. Thank you

  34. mounika says:

    kindly arrange to provide a non ac room on 7th December. we are 7 members

  35. rajeshwarrao says:

    I want a room on DT.05.12.2015evening 6:00pm

  36. kompally rajeshwar says:

    sir i want room non-AC FOR 28-11-2015

  37. i want non acroom 30/11/2015 night

  38. Sravani mutha says:

    Dear madam/sir we are 4 members kindly arriang to provide room on 30th November morning for one day only cont:9248761599

  39. sandhya says:

    I need a room on 15/11/15…my no ,7675821815

  40. P nandaiah says:

    Kindly arrange to provide room on 07 november for one day only my mobile no. 09438877381

  41. P nandaiah says:

    Kindly arrange to provide a room on 7 nov 15

  42. sridhar says:

    How to book the room in online.we are 6members ,
    We want normal non AC room .so please give me details as soon as possible. My contact number is 7893909340

  43. రూమ్స్ కు ఆన్ లైన్ బుకింగ్ లేదన్నారు. ఆన్ లైన్ బుకింగ్ ఉంటె బాగుండేది,

  44. S Krishna Reddy says:

    Dear Sir / Madam we are Two Persons (Family) From Hyderabad will Visiting Temple 4th Oct 2015,So we Need A.C accomodation for one Day Kindly contact me on my mobile no 9885700153

  45. P Sreedhar Reddy says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    We are 4 persons (Family) from Hyderabad will be visiting temple on 2nd Oct. 2015, So, we need A.C. accomodation for oneday. Kindly contact me on my mobile number 9440370353

  46. Kiran Kumar says:

    i want ac room tomarow 20th sep

  47. akhila says:

    Sir, my parents are going today. Need accommodation for tonight. Please contact 8978691784

  48. Narendra says:

    How to book rooms online… Please tell me.. Or msg/call me at 9848912149


    I alongwith family of 10 members are visiting Vemulwada for my grandson’s religious function on 15/08/2015 and will be staying there on 15/08/15 & 16/08/2015 and will be leaving on 17/08/15. Therefore kindly book me a room and inform accordingly My contact NO 09850638931

  50. D.S.Palliwar says:

    if I want to room, I will book it on line before 7 or 15 days

  51. J.Kumar says:

    Sir we need AC room on 12th August


  52. kumar says:

    Sir we need AC room on 12th August

  53. Madhusudhan Goud says:

    Dear Sir,

    I Want accommodation on 28/07/2015 To 29/07/2015. Please Arrange



    i want a room in date 17-07-2015

    thanking you

  55. k,shiva krishna says:

    i need 1 room on 13.06.2015 at5pm to 15.06.2015 morning hours.please confirm
    plz give online booking details,my mobile number.9247889005 or 8885623214.
    iam waiting for ur reply
    shiva kishna

  56. NARENDER says:


  57. v.madhukar says:

    This is madhukar
    Sir i need 1 ac room in any of the complex today ( 23-05-15) from 4pm to 24-05-15 5pm .contact no is 9177499600

  58. narender says:

    I need 2 rooms on 29.10.2015 at 4am to 30.10.2015 morning hours. Please confirm.
    Please give online booking details
    My number 8885674567

    I am waiting for ur reply. …


  59. Srinivas Annarapu says:

    Dear Concern,
    Require a non AC room on 10.05.15

  60. S.Mahender Reddy, Godavarikhani says:

    sir, we need 02 AC rooms (for 06 persons) on 09.05.2015 evening 7.00 PM to 10.05.2015 evening. Please confirm. Cont. No. 9247252201

  61. R. CHITTI BABU says:

    Iam R Chitti babu from: EENADU HYDERABAD.
    required room in rajeshwarapuram choultry or parvathipuram choultry for 3day i.e
    from 29-01-2015 to 01-02-2015 please conform contact no:8121521345.

  62. vinay kumar sanda says:

    Required room in nandishwara complex from sunday 10pm to tuesday 6pm

  63. Sushil says:

    vemulawada devasthanam cottages how to book the accomodation

  64. Jeeteshi says:

    Chandra gragrahanam time in april 2013 at karimnagar

  65. Hemkanta says:

    www ugadhi special photos 2013 in vewulawada devastanam

  66. T. VALARMATHI says: