9 Colours of Durga Navratri

What are the 9 colours to be used for Durga Navratri? What are the nine special colours of sarees to wear by women during Durga Navratri? The tradition of 9 colours is very common in Gujarat, Maharashtra and some other North Indian states during Durga Navaratri puja.

In 2013, Navratri begins on October 5 with Kalasha Sthapana and ends on October 13 with Vijaya Dashami. Read this article for Colors for 9 days of Navratri 2014..

Navratri Colours – Nine Colours for Nine days:

Durga Navratri is the most sacred and most celebrated festivity season of India. The Navratri festival has a unique tradition of colors.

During the festival, devotees wear different colors of dresses that are referred by the Brahmins and other Pandits. Generally the nine colors represent the nine avatars or incarnations or manifestations of Goddess Durga Maa.

During Durga Navratri festival, devotees perform alankar (make up) to Durga Mata idol with the referred colour of the saree.

Which coloured dress to be worn during Navratri?

The colours of Navratri remain same for every region but, the manifestations or the forms and the names of the Goddesses may vary from the region to region. Generally the nine colours of Durga Navaratri are – Parrot Green, Orange, Yellow, Sky Blue, Pink, Grey, Green, Ink blue and Royal blue. On the tenth day or on Vijaya Dashami day, Red colour is used.

Nine Colors of Navratri 2014 – 9 dresses to wear during Durga Navratri 2014

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  1. Pratipada – October 5, 2013 (Saturday) – Grey Dwitiya – October 6, 2013 (Sunday) – Orange Tritiya – October 7, 2013 (Monday) – White Chaturthi – October 8, 2013 (Tuesday) -Red Panchami – October 9 (Wednesday) – Blue Sashti – October 10 (Thursday) – Yellow Saptami – October 11 (Friday) – Green Ashtami – October 12 (Saturday) – Peacock Green Navami / Vijayadasami – October 13 (Sunday) – Purple

  2. Awesome…. me so excited… v r allowed to wear a traditional outfit in school for a day…. this whole week in skul v wer discussing wat wil v wear.. and i still hav to choose… maybe according to the colorssss

  3. Do we need compulsory wear these color dresses on navaratri….. and why should wear red color on 10th day of navaratri, can you please explain.

    Jai bloe durga mata ki JAI

  4. I love Navratri very much. Nine colours of Navratri is a great concept to wear nine different dresses / sarees and to decorate navdurga goddesses in different colors

  5. Nice concept. I like it too. I got to know from a friend of mine. and will try to follow this. lets see how far i succeed. This trend will be new for Delhi wale i guess.

  6. What are the nine special colours of sarees or dress to wear by women during Durga Saran Navratri

  7. I had no clue about the colors to wear for navratri…I do now, dhanyavaad. We are in the USA and have los of garba / dhandia raas all over as well as lots of Devi Bhagwats so this info is good to know.

  8. I am following these colours for nine days of Navratri since last three years…..and its being followed all over here in Mumbai as I can see ladies dressed in the same saree colour as the colour of the day….its really enjoyable and fun!!….We are going to follow the same this year too in our office also…..Subh Navratri to all in advance……..

  9. Thank you very much. Till date, I don’t know about this information. But got this year. Will surely try to wear sarees in these colours.

  10. Thank you for the article on Navratri colours for 2009 Maha Navratri Durga Puja. In Ahmedabad, Surat, Gandhi Nagar and Ambaji temple we celebrate Durga Pooja with great devotion.

  11. awesome Color Information…wears these colors of dresses and Play the Dandiya Ras at Ahmedabad. Thanks for the information on Navratri colors