5th day of Krishna Pushkarams, 16 August 2016

16 August 2016 is 5th day of Krishna Pushkarams. 5th day’s Puja Vidhi, Procedure for Pushkara Snanam for Krishna Pushkaralu, etc,. are given here.

Pushkara vidhi is a guide for the rituals, deeds, charity, arghya, shraddha and many other works to do during 12 days of River Pushkarams.

In 2016, Krishna Pushkaralu begins on 12 August, Friday and ends on 23 August, Tuesday. Read the detailed report on Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 here..

5th day of Pushkarams – 16 August 2016, Tuesday

God to worship: Lord Sri Krishna

Shraddha/ Vidhi: Chant the mantra “Om Suryaya Namaha”

Charity: dhanya (grains), bull, buffalo, cart, hal, etc..

Chant – Krishnashtakam, Damodara Ashtakam

On 12 August 2016, Guru (Jupiter) enters in Simha Rashi (Leo) and here are the predictions of Guru Sankramana.

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