5 Headed Snake appeared at Kukke Subramanya Temple

Have you ever seen 5-headed snake? I saw a two-headed snake in my home town. But five-headed snake? Yes, I have received a mail from Mr Rajesh Torthi who works for ITC Infotech, Bangalore, saying that a five-headed snake was appeared in Kukke Subramanya Swamy Temple near Mangalore, Karnataka.

Mr Rajesh also sent us some pictures he has. I dont know whether it is true or not. 5-headed snake (Aadi seshu) is known as the bed of Lord Vishnu.

Update: This is a fake email circulated all around the network… The image we see above is a photoshop work.. :) I came to know this from one of my friends after publishing this article…

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  1. Yes! there are such kind of snakes in the earth. NO!THIS IS NOT DONE BY ANY PHOTO EXPERTS like this!!!
    But this is the first time to see a five-headed snake in live!!!

  2. WOW.. i thought it was real…. As per my understanding there was only 2 head snacks are in this earth…. 5 head snacks are just imaginary…

    Photoshop experts can do any thing like this…

  3. Ecogujarat claims this was found in gujarat.. And surprise surprise… the snake obliged for the same photo in a same background there too :D

  4. i believe that there are 2 headed or 5 headed snakes on earth, but the above photo shown is absolutely unreal, it is clearly visible that 5 heads are joined using photoshop . i guess the head joined may one of the south Indian king cobra.

  5. it is true. in our home a women when she went to kukke she has seen this 5 headed snake to which the priests hav been performing abhisheka and they were keeping anjana .. im collecting mor info on this … when i get exact info i will again comment on this …..