12 Jyotirlingas Special Tour Package from IRCTC

IRCTC introduced a special tour package to 12 Jyotirlingas along with Nepal Pashupatinath temple after the successive launch of Vaishno Devi temple tour packages. The special package of 34-day long tour will start on 26 June and conclude on July 27, 2011. The religious tour will begin at Delhi and will have two stoppages in Jhansi and Moradabad.

As per the IRCTC officials, the main highlight of this tour is visiting Nepal Pashupatinath Temple. This journey routes from Gorakhpur by road which may thrill devotees. The fare of the special package is Rs 17,442. There are only 200 seats available out of 490 seats.

The 12 Jyotirlinga temples include – Mahaakaal or Mahakalaswar at Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh), Mallikarjun in Shrishailam (Kurnool district) in Andhra Pradesh, Omkareshwar (Khandwa district, Madhya Pradesh), Vaidyanath at Deogarh, Jharkhand, Somnath in Saurashtra (Junagadh district in Gujarat), Bhima Shankar in Pune, Maharashtra, Rameshwaram in Setubandha, TamilNadu, Nageshwar in district Almora (Uttarakhand), Vishwanath in Varanasi, Triyambakeshwar near Nasik on the banks of river Godavari, Kedarnath/Kedareshwar in Uttarakhand Himalayas, Ghushmeshwar in Shivalaya or Grineshwar, Ellora caves, in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra.


  1. Dear Sir,
    We two persons want to yatra for 12 jyotilingam with pasupatinath in nepal from chennai tamilnadu in the month of may 2014

    Kindly send me details.

    thanking you

  2. Iwould like to go for baraha jyotiling darshan by your special tour pakage in A/C 3 OR IN A/C 2 WHAT IS THE COST OF PAKAGE AND NO OF DAYS, AND STARTING DATE OF TOUR ,SO THAT I CAN BOOK IT

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    We would like to visit all the 12 jyothirlinga in 15 days
    If this can be done could you contact us
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    pl give inform we have interest 12 jyothir linga darshan yatra from irctc 2013 pl feedback

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    I am in Vijayawada Andhrapradesh, i all so join to visit 12 jyotirlinga yatra with pasupatinadh Darshan 2013, kindly give me the details as soon as posibule

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    Ph No : 08981001779

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    I am from chennai. I also join to visit 12 jotirling yatra 2013.( with 5 persons) kindly give me the details


  7. Sir,
    We are two persons wanting to undertake part in tour of 12 jyotirling including Nepal pashupatinath, durin the period of may – august 2013. Would be grateful if you could give details of the trip

  8. we are from kolkata wnt to darshan 12 jotirlinga with pashupatinath at october,2013.
    my mail address:[email protected]

  9. I’m from Kolkata. please arrange a special tour package of 12 jotirlinga darshan along with sri pashupati nath darshan in july,2013 and mail me details

  10. I want see the 12 jyotirlingas darshan in 2013 kindly send me the details and per person packaged amount
    abhay. mob.09263673806

  11. we are two persons age of 60 years, and want to go for 7 jyotirling darshan including tirupati balaji and rameshvaram on diwali period

    mob. 9824939779

  12. Dear sir,
    Please keep us posted about hindu pilgrimage tour packages regularly as we wish to avail the facility. with regards, sreedhar nivarthi

  13. I want to see the 12 Jyothi Lingams in august 2012. Kindly send me the details .

  14. i wish to do the 12 jyotirling tour in Mid June 2012 onwards. kindly give the details as soon as possible.

  15. Dear Sir,

    We Four persons want to undertake Yatra for 12 Jyotilingam with pasupatinath in Nepal and also Chaar Dhaam Vishnu Jee. With Thanks We wants to know about the Special train Name NZBD-49 for 7 Jyotilingam Darshan on 25- June,2012 from Chandigarh. What’s fare of Ac-3 Seats & also the name/Route of 7 Jyoti Lingam .


    Prem Bhatia

  16. Dear Sir.

    we two persons want to undertake yatra for 12 jyotilingam with pasupatinath in Nepal preferably in the month of sept 2012

    kindly send me details.

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